Great First Spring Weekend – – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning! Welcome to Spring!   Our string of nice days will continue through the weekend, before the next storm system arrives. On this video, I’ll update the weekend details for here and the Gulf Coast.  And, I have an update, on the next two storm systems we’ll be dealing with before this month is over.  Are we done with cold weather?  We’ll take a peek 16 days into the future.

Weak front drifts southward and dissipates today.  Great day.  Breezy.  High upper 60’s  Chilly tonight — jacket weather.  Low 42.

Picture postcard perfect first weekend in Spring.  Cool mornings, but each day will be warmer through Sunday.  Showers and thunderstorms Monday as the next storm system moves in.

COOL, but nice at the beaches this weekend.  Cooler that the rest of the reason because of the chilly Gulf water at 65.   Spring Breakers hit the jackpot on this weekend forecast.

Monday storm system brings in some showers and thunderstorms.  Although it does not look like a severe weather set-up, we will monitor.

Rather potent storm system near the end of the month.  Here’s a snapshot of Friday night, March 29th.  We’ll be watching this system.

The news continues to be terrible on the Pollen Forecast.

String of Nice Days Continues – Great Weekend Forecast – WEDNESDAY Video

Happy Vernal Equinox!  It’s the First Day of Spring.   A weak front approaches our area by tomorrow morning, but it should be a dry front, and our string of nice days continues for awhile longer.  On this video, I have an update on the weekend weather details for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches. How long will this quiet pattern last?  We’ll look ahead to the next 2 storm systems.  Plus, a pollen update, and I’ll tell you about a great ISS flyover tonight.

Great day…on this first day of Spring.   Spring begins at 4:58PM CDT.

Perfect Spring Break Weather right on through the weekend.  Showers & storms Monday.

The FULL Super Moon tonight will appear to look larger than normal.

Check out the Space Station in the southeast sky tonight.  Should be very bright.  What a treat!

We’ll be closely monitoring an early week storm system that could bring some strong storms to the state by Late Monday into Tuesday.   Will they be severe?   Too early to say.

And another substantial storm system around March 30th.  Needs to be watched.

The pollen/allergy news is NOT good.

Spring-Breaker’s Delight – TUESDAY Video

Good morning!  Welcome to the last day of winter! Our stretch of storm-free days continues.  In fact, don’t look now, but it might continue through the upcoming weekend.  That thin veil of high clouds,  which has haunted us over the last few days will retreat.  It looks like our coldest night will be tonight, as we fall into the 30’s.  How long will this quiet pattern last?  Spoiler alert:  Next week looks more active.  I’ll a couple of potentially significant storm systems before this month is over.


That thin veil of high clouds will retreat today.  Sunshine returns.   Nice day today.  Chilly tonight.

Chilly tomorrow morning on the first day of Spring, but a nice recovery Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon.  Should be a great Spring Break weekend.

Spring officially begins tomorrow afternoon at 4:58PM.

Full Moon tomorrow night, too.

And a great Space Station flyover tomorrow evening, too!

Watching two significant storm systems next week.  Will there be severe weather?   Too early to say.


Rare Quiet, Storm-Free Pattern – How long? – MONDAY Video

Good morning!  We are in a rare, ‘quiet’, nice stretch of storm-free days in the week ahead.  Very rare in Alabama in March.  For those on Spring Break, this will be nice.  A Thursday disturbance could bring a tiny shower threat…maybe.  But, on this video, we’ll walk through the week ahead.  How long could this quiet pattern last?  Spoiler alert: stormy weather will be back before this month is over.  I’ll show you when.

Another nice day.  A little re-enforcing cool front will turn us a few degrees colder tonight.

Upper 30’s on Tuesday and Wednesday.  That gets our attention this late in the season.  A frost or freeze in parts of north Alabama.

Cool days and Chilly nights through mid week.  Warmer Late week.  Nearly perfect Friday and Saturday.  Slight chnace of showers by Sunday.

WEDNESDAY, is the first day of Spring…plus the Full Worm Moon, and a great evening Space station flyover I’ll be telling you about.


A couple of storm systems during the last week of March need to be monitored for severe weather potential.

SUNDAY UPDATE:  Extended Stretch of Rain-Free Days

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Call it “the luck of the Irish”.  How about nearly a week with little or no chance of rain or storms?  Sound good?  I’m ecstatic.  We’ve had a very busy March, with multiple severe weather episodes, and at least 24 tornadoes.  We are DUE for this long stretch of nice, quiet days.  Spring Breakers have hit the jackpot! Daytime temperatures will be a little below normal, and nights will be rather chilly for the next few days.  (Normal high 70, normal low 45)  We may even see some 30’s on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, but not a freeze.  Next best chance of a few showers looks like next Sunday afternoon (March 24th).

TODAY:   A “plume” of high level moisture, which has been responsible for the high clouds last few days, will shift southeastward.  Cloudiness will decrease.  So, I’ll say…becoming mostly sunny.  High in the middle 60’s  Mostly clear, chilly tonight.  Overnight low near 40.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Look for highs in the 60’s Monday through Wednesday.  Looks like we may be in the upper 30’s on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, but I am not expecting a freeze.  We should be 70 or above by Thursday and Friday.  A minor disturbance teases the state Thursday, but for now, I’m keeping showers out of the forecast.  Spring officially Begins on Wednesday at 4:58PM…the Vernal Equinox.

Here’s a peek at the lows on Tuesday morning at Dawn.  Wednesday AM will be similar.

DOWN AT THE BEACH:  Milky sunshine today, filtered through some high clouds.  A little breezy.  North wind 5 to 15.  High in the 60’s.  Rip current listed as HIGH.   Water temperature 68.

LOOKING  AHEAD:  Highs will return to the 70’s by Friday and over next weekend.  Much of next weekend looks dry, for here and the the Beaches, but at least one model, the Euro, brings the threat of showers in by Sunday afternoon/Sunday evening.  The GFS holds the rain threat off till Monday.   The map below is next Sunday, March 24th.

POLLEN FORECAST:  Sorry to tell you, but we are NOT done with the pollen.  It will be in the high to very high range for a few days.

I’ll have a complete video update Monday morning.  I’ll go into more detail about the next several days. We’ll see how long this nice stretch may last.   Have a great St. Patrick’s Day. For those of you on Spring Break…enjoy.