Weekend Forecast Update – Thursday Video

Good Morning!  Today the tropical downpours, finally, start to thin out in number.  We’ll talk about a trend to fewer storms and hotter days.  What about the weekend?   A new wrinkle has developed.  I had to adjust the rain chances.  On this video I’ll tell you what to expect for here and the Gulf Coast beaches.  And,  could an approaching front deliver some lower humidity and nicer days in the not too distant future.  Here’s your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.


This amazing map shows the prolific rainfall amounts that Alberto brought to Alabama over a 48 hour period ending Wednesday morning at 7AM.  Widespread areas of 6-8″ rainfall in parts of central Alabama brought considerable flooding.  Can you see the track Alberto took from the Florida beach to NW Alabama?  The computer models we’re right on the Alberto rainfall forecast.


Alberto’s “tail”, and the associated tropical plume connection fades today as storms thin out in number.

Storms will be fewer in number on Friday and Saturday, and “hit or miss” in nature.  The number of storms increase Sunday, as a front approaches,  IF that front makes it all the way through, Monday and Tuesday would have lower humidity and more comfortable temperatures.  Fingers crossed!


A pretty routine Beach Forecast and MUCH better than last weekend!




Flash Flood Threat Increasing – Alberto’s Tropical Moisture Remains

A complex of thunderstorms moving across central Alabama.  I’m becoming increasingly concerned about the flash flood potential for the next few hours.  After the excessive rainfall overnight, this next complex of storms will further exasperate the situation. Some serious flash flooding is possible, especially in low-lying areas. Please stay weather aware. Flash flood warning continues for multiple counties including: Dallas, Autauga, Lowndes, Elmore, Montgomery and Tallapoosa.


In addition to the counties under warnings, a Flash flood watch covers much of central and north Alabama for today.  Stay weather aware.  Don’t drive through flooded roadways.  Turn around, don’t drown.



Good Morning..after a serious overnight rainfall event here in central Alabama, which has caused flooded roads in multiple counties.  We are still dealing with The Ghost of Alberto, which will continue to haunt us with more tropical downpours today.  But, on this video, I’ll tell you about fewer storms and hotter days as we get into late week and the weekend.  I’ll also show you some surprising totals from Alberto over the last 3 days.  Some stunning rainfall in spots.  With your toast and coffee this morning, this is your Wednesday personal weather briefing.


Overnight multiple counties were affected by Flash Flood Warnings.  This map shows Doppler Radar rainfall estimates of rainfall over the past couple of days from Alberto.  Notice large areas of Dallas, Perry, Lowndes and Autauga counties have had 4 to 6″ and in some cases nearly 7″ of rain from Alberto.

The “Ghost of Alberto” will still affect us today with more tropical downpours.  Locally heavy rainfall in spots.

By late week, storms will start to thin out in number.  Hot and humid days are in the menu for the weekend, with fewer storms around,


Alberto’s Trek Through Alabama – Flash Flood Threat Continues – Tuesday Video

Early this morning the National Hurricane Center says Depression Alberto is just west of Montgomery and moving northward.  It will, obviously, have a big impact on our weather today, and lingering impact even tomorrow.  Who get’s the heaviest rainfall.  The totals have been adjusted.  What other hazards can we expect.  After Alberto, we’ll look at the week ahead as storms thin out and heat returns.

Here’s Alberto’s projected track northward through Tennessee and into the Ohio valley, the Great Lakes, to near James Bay Canada, as the system curves around the edge of high pressure in the Atlantic.  The official start of hurricane season is Friday.

Alberto will trek toward the NNW in Alabama, reaching near Cullman at 1PM, and out of the state north of Nashville at 1AM late tonight.

Additional rainfall totals could be significant particularly along and west of the I-65 corridor today through Wednesday. The eastern counties will see far less.

Flash Flood Watch continues for much of the state.

Tornado threat is relatively small and generally extends from eastern Alabama into Georgia and the Carolinas.

After Alberto loosens his grip on our weather, storms will thin out late week as the heat returns.


Alberto Makes Land Fall – Flash Flood Threat For Alabama

NHC says as of 3:40PM:  “CENTER OF ALBERTO MAKING LANDFALL NEAR LAGUNA BEACH FLORIDA”  Winds with Alberto at landfall estimated at 45 mph.  Moving north at 9 mph.  Pressure 994 mbs.   Here’s the satellite loop as Alberto makes landfall a little after 3:30.


Alberto is expected to move northward into Alabama later tonight and Tuesday.  Greatest threat will be flash flooding potential.  The system will move into the Tennessee valley by Tuesday evening.

Alberto should quickly weaken to a Depression later on this evening as it continues to aim for the heart of Alabama.  Later it will weaken to a remnant low  as it departs the state late Tuesday night and moves into Tennessee.

Biggest threat for Alabama is the potential for significant flash flooding/  Up to 7″ of rain in spots possible.


As is typical with any landfalling tropical system, the threat of tornadoes will continue in the right front quadrant of the storm.  That includes much of eastern Alabama, manly east of I-65.  A stronger threat exists along and east of a line from Alex City to Troy eastward into Georgia.

Tuesday the tornado threat continues mainly along the eastern strip of counties.


Flash flood Watch in effect for what could be some prolific rainfall totals over the next 2-3 days associated with northward moving Alberto.  Some spots in central Alabama could exceed 7″.  The heavy rain threat is the biggest concern that we will be dealing with  associated with Alberto.

UPDATE: Alberto Hours From Landfall – Will Have Big Impact on Alabama – Special Monday Video

10:00 AM CDT NHC UPDATE:  Alberto nearing land.  Heavy rain bands moving onshore.  Center now 80 miles south of Panama City moving north at 8  Expected to make landfall this afternoon along the panhandle, before ,moving north into Alabama this evening and tonight.  Expected to weaken into a depression late tonight or early Tuesday.  Winds now 60 mph.  No change in strength expected before landfall.  Pressure now 992 millibars.  Tropical Storm Warning continues for all of the NW Florida and Alabama beaches.  Warning extends northward into much of south and SE Alabama.




On This Special Memorial Day update I’ll bring you up to date on Alberto’s future path and timeline.  And, specifically we’ll look at the direct impact Alberto will have on us, including flooding potential, expected wind speeds and the tornado threat, as the storm crawls northward on Today & Tuesday.  Please take a couple of minutes to watch the video and feel free to share this.


4;00AM NHC Update:

Look at Alberto’s alley way northward from the Gulf coast to the Ohio valley next three days.  It will be a significant rainfall and potential flash food producer.

Alberto will probably still have 65 mph winds on the east side of the center when it makes landfall on the NW Florida coast this afternoon.  Then, it will lift slowly northward into Alabama and could still be  a tropical storm not far from Montgomery late tonight.   Then, it will weaken to a Depression as it moves north on Tuesday.

Extremely heavy rain and the flash flood potential are the biggest threat from Alberto.  But wind gusts will be high enough to take down some tree limbs and small trees.  Isolated power outages are possible.

Very typical with any landfalling tropical system is the threat of brief spin-up tornadoes on the east side of the track.  While the threat is relatively small, the best threat will be along the entire eastern strip of counties today and Tuesday.

Looks like the coast will be inundated with 7 to 9″ of rain from Alberto.  Even here in central Alabama, some spots could see up to 6″.

FLASH FLOODING POTENTIAL.  Look at that orange swath of 4-6″ rainfall potential.

Rain chances remain very high through Wednesday, but the number of showers will start to thin out by late week and the weekend, as the temperature climbs back to 90+.