Frost Advisory Tonight

It’s a chilly Sunday morning.  Coldest morning of the season so far.  Most locations are in the upper 30’s.  A few spots are little lower.  Today will be cool & sunny, with highs only in the 50’s and a bit breezy at times.  That stiff breeze will make it seem colder than it is.. Tonight will be just a notch lower on the temps.  Mid 30’s look like a good bet, and a frost advisory has been issued.

* IMPACTS…Frost could damage sensitive outdoor vegetation.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  If you don’t like the cold, hang on.  The chill will be brief.  We will see a quick turnaround this week, as we soar back into the 70’s.  Nights will be cool, but not as cool.  Looks like great weather for Halloween trick-or-treaters and for the Fair, too.  A small chance of showers near the end of week, around Friday or Saturday.

TROPICAL STORM PHILIPPE:  Philippe barely meets the criteria to be called a tropical storm.  It is centered near the southern tip of Florida.  Top winds are listed as 45 mph.  It will move rapidly northeast today, being absorbed into a cold front and merging with a much stronger, developing low pressure system which could bring hurricane force winds to New England.  More like a Nor’easter, with some “perfect storm” type attributes.

Hope you have a great Sunday.  I will have our next video ready for you by first thing tomorrow morning, online by about 4:45AM.


STRONG COLD FRONT:  Wet then Sharply Cooler

Widespread showers continue this morning. The cold front has already reached southeast Alabama.  But, showers even linger behind the front.  The rain threat will continue till after lunch time.   The rain will exit by about mid-day, followed by sharply cooler air. The next 2-3 days will be chilly.  In fact, looks like much of the area will see patchy frost by first thing Monday morning.  Today is one of those unusual days when the highest temperature will be around dawn.  Look for steady or falling temperatures today.    We’ll be in the 50’s this afternoon, falling to the 40’s by this evening.

WET SATURDAY:  Widespread showers and not much thunder will continue through the morning hours and at least into early after afternoon in some spots before the showers exit eastward into Georgia.  Have your umbrellas handy.  Future radar will give you a good idea of the eastward progress of the rain area today.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  We will be in the 30’s by dawn Sunday with highs only in the 50’s.  It will be breezy, too, which will make it seem colder.  Monday morning will be the coldest morning with mid 30’s.  Look for a big recovery as we get back into the 70’s by Halloween and even warmer on Wednesday and Thursday.  Small chance of a shower or two by about Thursday as a weak front swings through the area.

PATCHY FROST MONDAY:  Monday will be the coldest morning of the season so far.  Middle 30’s are expected deep into south Alabama.  Patchy frost is a good bet.  We will recover into the upper 60’s by Monday afternoon.

If you are headed to the fair today, a jacket or sweatshirt will feel great.  I’ll see you out there.  I’ll be there with Greg and others in the Bluewater booth this afternoon.  Have a nice weekend.  I think I’m going to burn some wood in the fireplace tonight.


Weekend Temperature Plunge – Friday Video

Happy Friday!  Get ready for the next stop on our Temperature Rollercoaster as we are about to take a major plunge downward, as the coldest air of the season funnels into the state.  Future Radar will show you the timing on the rain arrival and when it will exit tomorrow.  New crazy numbers on the temperature projections.  And, I’ll show you how the temperature will zoom back upward on what should be a sensational forecast for the Alabama National Fair.

Warm day today as the fair begins with highs in the upper 70’s  The Cold front in the Midwest now, reaches Alabama late tonight and sweeps through the state in the overnight hours with rain out ahead of it.

The main rain are stays mostly west of us this evening.

Future radar shows how the rain progresses eastward during the day Saturday.  Best chance for most iof us will be morning and mid-day.


Tomorrow will be one of those weird days when the high and lows are about the same.  Falling temperatures through the day Saturday.   A very brisk weekend.  30’s on Sunday and Monday morning.

Coldest morning will be Monday morning.

After the weekend temperature plunge, we will see a remarkable recovery next week.  Great weather for the Alabama National Fair.

The GFS numbers for the next 16 days

Warmer, Then Big Temp. Plunge – Thursday Video

Good morning!  It’s the coldest morning of the season so far.  But our Rollercoaster temperature ride takes us into warmer territory next 2 days before the big weekend plunge.  On this video I’ll walk you through the ups and downs.  Plus, rain could affect your Saturday plans as a strong cold front sweeps through the state.  And, I’ll show you a peak into next week.  The Big Chill may not last long.  Here’s your Thursday morning personal weather briefing with your toast and coffee.


Temperature Rollercoaster next few days…

Frontal system sweeps through the state Saturday.  Good chance of showers late Friday night into Saturday, then another plunge in temperatures is on the way.

It doesn’t stay cool for long.  Take a look at the GFS numbers for the next 16 days.  Back into the 70’s next week for a long string of days.  Good news for the Alabama National Fair.



Wild Temperature Swings Next Few Days – Wednesday Video

Good morning, on a very chilly Fall morning.  In fact, we could be a little colder tomorrow morning.  On this video, I’ll update the numbers on a rather wild temperature ride over the next 10 days…including out first trip to the 30’s before the end of the month.  Plus, umbrella’s may be needed on Saturday as a strong cold front sweeps across the state.  We’ll refine the timeline on your weekend weather details.



Chilly this morning…and even colder tomorrow morning.  Today will probably be the first Fall day where we do not make it out of the 60’s.  Brisk winds will make it seem cooler.

Wild ride the next 10 days…The Euro model captures the drama.  The blue bars at the bottom show the showers which arrive with a strong cold front on Saturday.

NHC keeping track on Invest 93-L in the Caribbean, which could move northward toward Cuba and the Florida Keys and then track northeast off the US east Coast.