Frost Advisory Tonight

It’s a chilly Sunday morning.  Coldest morning of the season so far.  Most locations are in the upper 30’s.  A few spots are little lower.  Today will be cool & sunny, with highs only in the 50’s and a bit breezy at times.  That stiff breeze will make it seem colder than it is.. Tonight will be just a notch lower on the temps.  Mid 30’s look like a good bet, and a frost advisory has been issued.

* IMPACTS…Frost could damage sensitive outdoor vegetation.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  If you don’t like the cold, hang on.  The chill will be brief.  We will see a quick turnaround this week, as we soar back into the 70’s.  Nights will be cool, but not as cool.  Looks like great weather for Halloween trick-or-treaters and for the Fair, too.  A small chance of showers near the end of week, around Friday or Saturday.

TROPICAL STORM PHILIPPE:  Philippe barely meets the criteria to be called a tropical storm.  It is centered near the southern tip of Florida.  Top winds are listed as 45 mph.  It will move rapidly northeast today, being absorbed into a cold front and merging with a much stronger, developing low pressure system which could bring hurricane force winds to New England.  More like a Nor’easter, with some “perfect storm” type attributes.

Hope you have a great Sunday.  I will have our next video ready for you by first thing tomorrow morning, online by about 4:45AM.


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