Holiday Weekend Improvements – Friday Video

As Harvey’s influence on our weather starts to fade, the Holiday weekend is looking better.  I’ll update the forecast details for here and the beach.  And, a cold front next week will bring in some very nice air!  Wait until you see the temperatures.  BUT, our eyes turn to Major Hurricane Irma.  Where could be heading?  What impact could the US see from this dangerous Hurricane?  I’ll show you the brand new global models tracks.  Here’s your Friday morning personal weather briefing.

As Harvey loosens his grip on our weather, the trend will be for big improvements over the Labor Day holiday weekend as storms will thin out in number.  Today will be windy at times with southwest winds at 10-22, occasionally gusting higher.

Cold front arrives mid week with some NICE air behind it.  Taste of Fall!  We could see upper 50’s Thursday and Friday night of next week.

The Future of Extremely Dangerous Hurricane Irma has me very very concerned.  First a threat to the Islands next week, then, what affect could Irma have on the United States.  There are a number of disturbing scenarios.  The jury is out.








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