Wild Temperature Rollercoaster Next 10 Days – Tuesday Video

Good Morning!   We are briefly sampling some very cold air…again!  And, we are headed for the Deep Freeze tonight.  But, the next 10 days will be like a wild Rollercoaster ride, with a series of sharp ups and downs, with three cold fronts along the way. Each one will bring more showers.  It’s a fast flow, with lots of changes, and I will break down the timeline and the details.  By the way, the weather looks great for the Blue Blood Super Moon.  I’ll recap with things you need to know, here on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.

COLD January day today with highs that will not make it out of the 40’s.  The wind will make it seem colder.

DEEP FREEZE tonight.  Some of us fall to the mid 20’s, again.

A very active few days with lots of Ups and Downs and fronts which arrive about every 2 days.

Here’s a peek at the Euro model which clearly documents the Wild Rollercoaster ride of the next 10 days and the three fronts we can expect, each bringing showers.

Every little bit of rain helps when you’re in a drought.  Here’s the potential rain for the next 7 days.


Excitement is building for the Super Blue Blood Moon.  There will be a partial eclipse very briefly visible to us, just before moonset tomorrow morning.  Then the Full Super Moon Wednesday night with a slight reddish tint…hence “Blood moon”.  It’s also a Blue Moon, because it’s the second full moon in the month of January.  Have you got all of that?  There will be a test later!




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