Lots of “Ups and Downs” This Week – Monday Video

Good Morning!   As the weekend storm system moves away, a sharp shot of Chilly air is heading our way.  There will be many “ups and downs” over the 10 days with at 4 least 4 front along the way.  I’ll take into the month of February, as we search for signs of any “shockers”.  Plus, I’ll tell you about that Wednesday night Blue-Blood Supermoon, and everything you need to know.  With your toast and coffee here’s your Monday morning personal weather briefing.



Tuesday will be a breezy, cold, raw winter’s day.  The coldest morning will be Wednesday morning when we will be in the deep freeze.  Then a quick bounce back, before another front moves in Thursday night.

Here’s what you need to know about Wednesday night’s Full “Super” Moon.

The Global Models show quite a rollercoaster ride next 10 days and beyond.  Temperatures surge and plunge, before and after each storm system.




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