The “Niceness” Will Wear Out – Humidity/Storms will Return – Tuesday Video

Good Morning!  Another day of “tolerable” summer temps. And humidity on this first day of August.  But, on this video, I’ll tell you about the return of humidity and showers to the forecast.  Another summer front is approaching, BUT, this one may not make it all the way through.  It could affect some of your weekend plans with showers & storms.  “Emily” is still drenching Florida this morning.  What’s next for Emily after she departs the Sunshine State.  Sit back, with your toast and coffee, and I have a lot of “fresh” information to share on your Tuesday morning weather briefing.

Tropical Depression Emily still causing tropical downpours across south Florida and then moving into the open Atlantic later this morning.  It probably will not affect the US anymore and will not regain Tropical Storm status, according to the NHC forecast.


For us the tolerable “niceness” of the last few days will begin to fade.  Showers, storms and humidity creep into the forecast starting Thursday and through the weekend at least.

Another front will play a big role in the weekend forecast with enhanced rain chances.  But, this front will probably not make it all the way through like the front last weekend.


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