Cold Air Will Retreat: Temps. Rebound This Week

Another cold morning with widespread frost, and another chilly day ahead, but in the headlines, a big temperature re-bound is on the menu for the week ahead.  We are still storm-free for several days.  I’m optimistic clouds will cooperate for this evening’s Space Station Flyover, too.  (scroll down for the details and time)

TODAY:  Partly to mostly sunny.   Chilly, but near average for late January.  High 57.  Tonight’s Low 34.

MONDAY:  More sun than clouds.  Chilly, but not too cool.  High 56.  Low Monday night 37.

COLD AIR RETREATS:  Then, on Tuesday, the cold air retreats and warmer air in Texas and the Plains states heads east.

THE WEEK AHEAD:  Storm-free through the work week.  Our next rain could be on Superbowl Sunday.  Temperatures will be comfortable.  Skies will be partly cloudy.

TONIGHT’S SPACE STATION FLYOVER:  If you missed Thursday night’s Space Station flyover, no problem.  There will be another excellent flyover early this evening.  Very bright.  Set your smart phone alarm for 5:40.  The flyover will be from about 5:41 to 5:44PM from the southwest to the northeast.  It will be almost directly overhead at Montgomery at 5:42, heading northeast at 17,500 mph, with 6 humans aboard.  Of course, it is easily viewable with the naked eye, appearing as a bright point of light.  Your kids, especially, will get a thrill out of seeing the flyover, but so will kids of all ages.  It never disappoints.  WEATHER:  A thin veil of high clouds could be a factor in limiting viewing, like Thursday night, but I am highly optimistic that many, if not most of us will be able to see the flyover.

Here’s a shot just after sunrise this morning, from Blount Cultural Park, with 35 degrees and heavy frost on the ground.

Have a great day today!   I’ll have your next video ready for you tomorrow morning by 5AM.


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