Arctic Cold Hangs On – Late Week Storm System – TUESDAY VIDEO

Good morning…on the coldest morning of the Winter so far.  The Arctic Cold, which grips much of the country, will hang on for another day or two, before recovery begins.  Tonight will be frigid again.  On this video, we’ll look ahead to the latest on a late week storm system. The timing is a little faster.  I also have an update on what looks like a pretty nice weekend.  And, we’ll look ahead to the next big storm system.


Another very cold Winter’s Day ahead with a high only in the mid 40’s.   Not too windy, but just enough wind to be a factor.  COLD tonight.  Low in the lower 20’s again.

Next storm system brings in showers and maybe a thunderstorm by Thursday evening, Thursday night, and first half of the day Friday.

The arctic chill fades by late week.  Showers and maybe a thunderstorm by  Thursday night, and first half of the day Friday.  Dry weekend and not too cool.

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY….Wow!  COLDEST Montgomery Day in the 20th century.

Here’s a nice  thought on a cold morning.

Winter’s Coldest Air So Far – Coldest Nights Ahead – MONDAY VIDEO

Good morning!  It’s been quite awhile since we’ve had to deal with an Arctic Invasion.  Temperatures at Dawn will be in the 20’s deep into South  Alabama and even some Teen’s up north.  It will be a rather cold MLK Holiday today, with the mercury barely reaching the mid 40’s.  The two coldest nights are still ahead of us.  I’ll bring you up to date on the week ahead, including some moderating temperatures later in the week, and latest on a late week storm system.

There will be just enough of a breeze to add a bite to that cold 45 degree high today.  We are headed for a Very Cold Winter’s night tonight.

Not much wind expected Tuesday AM, but the actual lows will be some of the coldest of the winter with teens north and 20’s south.

Very cold Tuesday, with low 20’s at the start and mid 40’s in the afternoon.  Another frigid start Wednesday morning.  Chance of rain late Thursday, Thursday night and probably the first half of the day Friday. I may remove rain from the Saturday forecast all together.  Not as cold at the end of the week.

Storm system brings rain late Thursday, Thursday night and probably the first half of the day Friday.

Could there be another block of Cold air to deal with during the first half of February?  The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting another period of colder than normal temperatures.

SUNDAY UPDATE:  Taste of the Arctic – Winter is BACK

Very cold Arctic Air is funneling into Alabama this morning, on gusty north and northwest wind.  After a week that featured highs in the 70’s,  temperature will hover in the 40’s for highs today, Monday and Tuesday.  Nights will fall to the 20’s, perhaps the low 20’s by Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  Wind chill will be a big factor.  Coats, hats, gloves will be needed.  Temperatures will recover Thursday and Friday as the next storm system approaches, and rain returns.

Here’s the set-up early this morning.  The cold front has made it to the coast.  Showers are exiting extreme southeast Alabama.

TODAY & TONIGHT:   Temperatures will hover in the 40’s today.   Northwest wind at 12 to 22 mph will gust above 25 mph at times.  Cloudy this morning, gradual clearing by this afternoon.  Tonight will also be breezy. Clear & cold.  Low in the upper 20’s.

BRUTAL WIND CHILL: That stiff northwest wind today will lower the wind chill to the low to mid 30’s this afternoon.  Coldest Wind Chill readings will be early the morning on tomorrow and Tuesday morning, with mid teens wind chills possible here in central Alabama, upper teens south.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  MLK Day Monday will be a raw winter’s day.  High in the mid 40’s.  Sunshine & breezy.  Tuesday’s high will be similar.  Coldest mornings will be Tuesday & Wednesday morning.  Potential lows 23-25, but a few towns will go lower.  Thursday’s high of 57 in near average.  Clouds increase.  Showers likely Thursday night & Friday.  This does not look like a severe weather situation.

WETUMPKA TORNADO:  One year ago today, it was a Saturday.  Shortly before 3PM, a very pronounced tornado couplet signature showed up on the radar velocity scan.  A tornado warning was issued and tornado sirens sounded in  Wetumpka.

It was 2:52 PM, when the tornado tore through the downtown and the historic district, causing significant damage.  It was rated a strong EF-2 tornado.  Miraculously, nobody was killed. Four people were injured.

After the Tornado passed through Downtown it crossed the Coosa River and Hwy. 231, then continued northeast with winds at 100 mph.

There were 5 tornadoes in central and west Alabama that day.  It was the start of a very busy tornado year, in Alabama, with 81 touchdowns across the state.

I will have a video update for you first thing tomorrow morning. It should be online by 4:45 AM.  Have a great Sunday!  Stay warm.. I have a cozy warm fire going, with my dog Bailey by my side.  She had a good day yesterday.  We’re hoping for a good day today, too.


SATURDAY UPDATE:   Winter Returns – Arctic Plunge Soon

      Get ready for a change of climate.  We were in the mid 70’s on a couple days this week.  Monday’s high will only be in the mid 40’s.  Tuesday AM, we will be in the low 20’s with Wind Chill in the Teens.   (Normal high 57, low 36)

The Cold Front will enter Alabama around lunch time, and exit the state around Midnight.  Expect rain out of ahead of the front, and sharply colder air behind the front.  Sunday will be a blustery day.  MLK Day, Monday will be a rather raw January day.   Much of the week ahead will be well below average.

The Next Cold Frontal approach will bring in a round of showers and storms by Friday.

Here’s the maps showing where the front will be at Noon and Midnight.

TODAY:  This will be the last Spring-like day for awhile.  High 67 to 70°.   Best showers and maybe a couple of thunderstorms starts after lunchtime and continues into tonight.  When the front passes your location the showers threat will end.  It will become windy and colder overnight.  Low by Sunday dawn will be 41.

FUTURE RADAR:   Unlike last Saturday, no severe weather is expected.  Here’s a sample of some Future Radar Snapshots at 2PM, 5PM, and 8PM, just to give you an idea on the coverage and progress of the rain.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Sunday will be a blustery day.  The high will struggle to pass 50.  Northwest winds at 12 to 20 gusting to 25 will make it seem colder.  We are headed to the 20’s for lows at least three nights starting Sunday night.  Coldest days will be MLK Day Monday and Tuesday with highs only in the 40’s.   Next Chance of rain will come Thursday night into Friday as the next Front approaches.

Coldest mornings will be Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  Here’s a sample of some expected Tuesday morning lows and the potential wind chill.

I’ll have another Blog update for you in the morning.  Have a great weekend.


Dramatic Change Soon – Winter is Returning – FRIDAY VIDEO

Good morning!  A big change is coming soon. A weekend Cold Front will bring showers Saturday, and much colder air Sunday, Sunday Night, and well into next week.  Coats, hats, gloves will be needed soon.

Today will be noticeably cooler than yesterday, with a brisk easterly wind.  The coolest air will be near the Georgia border.  Warmest will be in southwest Alabama.

On this video, I’ll break down the details of the week ahead.   How cold?  How long?  And, what’s next after that.  We’ll look into late January


Today will be noticeably cooler than yesterday.  At least 10 degree cooler with a brisk easterly wind.  This is called a Cool Wedge.


Look at difference between Atlanta’s high of 48 today and Greenville with 65.

The Big Deal Weekend Cold Front brings showers Saturday followed by a windy and dramatically colder Sunday.

Very cold for the MLK holiday.   Highs on Monday and Tuesday will only be in the 40’s   20’s on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Very cold air will funnel into Alabama for a few days.  This cold air is also destined for Florida.

Coldest morning will be Tuesday morning.  Low 20’s in central Alabama.  Wind chill Tuesday morning, perhaps 10 to 15.