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SUNDAY UPDATE: Warming Trend Continues – Showers Return Tonight – Spring-like Week Ahead

Good Morning!  Yesterday was a little warmer, but still below normal.  Today, after the morning chill fades, we will actually warm to near or just above average for the first time in several days. Get ready for a rather beautiful Sunday.

    The harsh Arctic Air which has dominated much of the country for more than a week has receded back to Canada and the Polar region.

    Our warming trend will continue through the week ahead, and the warmer air will dominate most of the eastern half of the country.

   Meanwhile, a frontal system will bring showers back to the state late tonight and part of the day Monday.  Expect more showers late in the week.  But, no severe weather is expected.

TODAY:  The morning chill fades quickly.  Sunshine will dominate.  High 64.  (Normal high 63).  Southeast winds at 5 to 15 by afternoon.  Becoming cloudy tonight.  Showers late tonight, mainly after 3AM.  Low 48.

MONDAY:  Scattered showers mainly during the morning hours.  Most of showers should exit by lunchtime.  High 64. Here’s a couple of future radar snapshots.

By afternoon, look for big improvements as the front exits the state.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Tuesday and Wednesday will be simply beautiful, as the warming trend continues. 70 degrees seems like a major benchmark after the cold February we have endured.  Risk of showers by Thursday. 

Looks like the Arctic Flood Gates are closed for now.   Here’s the Model Temperature Blend for the next 10 days.

I’ll have a complete video update in the morning.  Enjoy this beautiful Sunday.


Major Warming Trend Ahead

     Good Morning!  It’s cold.  Early this morning we’re in the 20’s.  But, the news I have for you is good news.  We are about to turn the corner.  Today will be warmer.  Sunday we’ll be close to normal.  A major warming trend is on the way. 

     We’ll be in the 60’s Sunday through Tuesday and near 70 by Wednesday and Thursday.  It appears the Arctic Flood Gates will be closed for at least a couple of weeks. 

    Showers return Monday, and maybe again by Thursday.  But, I don’t see any “big ticket” weather in the week ahead.

    The Polar vortex is receding.  A ridge of high pressure in the upper atmosphere spells warmer days for much of the country. 

TODAY:    Nice day!  The cold will fade quickly.  Sunshine will dominate.  Our afternoon high of 57°, is still below normal, but we’re moving in the right direction.  One more freeze tonight…Low 30.  (Normal High 63, Low 40.)  

SUNDAY:  Sunshine & warmer.  High 63.  Chance of showers late Sunday night after Midnight. Not as cold.  Low 47.

NEXT FEW DAYS:    Scattered showers Monday.  Great weather Tuesday and Wednesday.  Near 70 by Wednesday and Thursday.  Scattered showers return Thursday, Thursday night into Friday. 

A front brings scattered showers Monday. No severe weather.

I’ll have another Blog update early tomorrow morning.  . Have a nice weekend!  Enjoy the start of the warming trend.  


Arctic Chill For Now – Warmer Days Soon -Major Pattern Change

Happy Friday!  Very chilly air is funneling into Alabama again.  We won’t make it out of the 40’s today.  The breeze will be a factor.  We’re headed for the 20’s tonight.  But, hang on!  A major pattern change is on the way.  The extreme Arctic air will retreat from the United States.  A significant warming trend begins Sunday and continues all next week, and beyond.  Looks like the Arctic Flood Gates will be closed at least for a couple of weeks. 

Good News. The extreme Arctic Air dominating much of the country will retreat soon. A major warming trend begins soon.

Very Chilly Today. Wind will be a factor. COLD tonight. Mid 20’s.

Major warning trend begins Sunday and continues all next week. Scattered showers Sunday night and Monday. Otherwise, storm-free.

The news is good…through next week. Warmer days and nights.

Another Quick Cold Shot – Warming Trend on the Horizon

Good Morning!  After a wet morning, rain will exit quickly today.  As the storm system exits, much colder air will funnel in, again.  Wind Chill will be a factor tonight and Friday.  We’re headed for the 20’s Friday night.  Sunshine over the weekend will help.  By Sunday afternoon, we’ll start to climb out of the arctic cellar as high temperatures reach the 60’s.  That’s the start of a nice warming trend, which continues through next week.  I’ll break down the details on today’s video. 

As the storm system departs the state today, much colder air funnels in on gusty winds. Much colder tonight.

Tomorrow morning, wind chill will be a factor. The Range will be from the 20’s in SE Alabama to single digits in NW Alabama.

Sunshine over the weekend. COLD Saturday morning, cool afternoon. Warming trend begins Sunday. Scattered showers Monday. Nice Tuesday.

Next week, the POLAR VORTEX, will be back where it belongs!

Steady warming trend next week. Good news!

Arctic Blast Today – Another Storm System Approaching

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY continues for much of central Alabama until about Noon, as a few light snow flurries continue to fall across the area. Should be fairly minor.


Alabama is in the Deep Freeze this morning. Morning wind chills range from the teens and single digits in central Alabama to below zero in northwest Alabama. Dress in layers.  It’s going to be a Raw, windy, cold Winter’s day.  We’re tracking the next storm system which will affect us Wednesday Night and Thursday. More cold air follows.  But, on this video, I’ll tell you about light and the end of the tunnel.  I’ll show you a nice warming trend a few days away.

RAW day. Windy and cold. High temperature will not make it out of the 30’s. Winds die down tonight. Back to the 20’s for lows.

Next Significant storm system to effect the region Wednesday night and Thursday.

South and southeast Alabama will briefly in the warm air sector Wednesday night and Thursday. Severe weather risk, including a tornado threat.

After the storm, windy and sharply colder Thursday night and Friday. Temperatures start to recover Saturday afternoon and especially Sunday.

Who’s ready for a warming trend? Into the 60’s by Sunday afternoon. FINALLY the Arctic Air will retreat from the United States.

Check out that warming trend from Sunday through Friday the 26th! We deserve it,