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Weekend Forecast Updated – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  The atmosphere is primed, and rain chances are going up.  There will be a wealth of showers and storms around today and tomorrow.  I’ll show you future radar.  If you have big weekend plans and you’re about the rain chances, I’ve made a few changes in the forecast.  Perhaps not quite as many storms as we once thought..  I will walk you through the forecast through the weekend and beyond for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches, on your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.


The atmosphere is primed.  The stage is set for a better than normal chance of showers and storms today.  Couple of the storms could feature 40 mph wind gusts and dangerous and frequent cloud to ground lightning.

Rain chances spike at 60% Friday, but there’s new evidence that the number of storms will thin out this weekend.  I may lower the weekend rain chance lower in future forecasts.

Right now I have a fairly respectable 50/50 chance of random storms Friday and Saturday and a smaller chance Sunday, down on the Gulf Coast.

One of the best meteor showers of the year will be this weekend, peaking on Saturday and Sunday night, after Midnight, if the clouds cooperate.  The Perseid Meteor Shower.

Truly excellent ISS Flyover Saturday, almost straight overhead and very bright, starting at 8:03PM  Set a reminder on your phone.  It never dissapoints.



Rain Chance Improving Each Day – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  The atmosphere is starting to change.  The number of showers and storms will increase a bit every day.  I’ll show you future radar.  We’ll look at which days could see the best rain chance.  Plus, I have tweaked the weekend for the weekend forecast for here and the coast.  I’ll run it all down for you on your Wednesday morning personal weather briefing


The Upper High is starting to shift away from us, as the rain chances start to ease up, slightly.  Better coverage on the showers and storms on radar.  Still, though, another hot day.

A couple of factors will help the rain chances get better in Alabama, especially late week into the weekend:  an approaching frontal system will be a player, and,m even more, an upper trough will help promote a storms in a big way by Friday and through the weekend.

Notice how the rain chances are a little higher each day through the rest of the week and a very generous supply of random storms this weekend.  Meanwhile the high temperatures edge down just a notch or two with the increase of showers and clouds.

Higher than normal rain chance at the beach at least Friday and Saturday.  Perhaps fewer storms Sunday.

Sun Tropical Storm Debby in the north central Atlantic is just a “fish storm.”

Hot Day Ahead – Storms will Increase Soon – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Yesterday was one of the hottest days this summer.  Today will be another very hot day, with scattered  cooling relief for some lucky communities.  I’ll show you Future Radar, which will be a little more active today.  But, hang on.  Rain chances get a lot better later in the week.  I’ll walk you through the day to day details through the upcoming weekend.


After yesterday’s high of 97, today will be another very hot day with a triple digit heat index, as the Upper Ridge is still i9n place over us.  Rain chances are slightly better today.


Rain chances will get better each day, but the chances should peak on Friday and Saturday, with a frontal system in the state and a trough of low pressure in the upper atmosphere acting in concert to promote scattered to numerous storms.

Rain chances scale a little higher each day into the weekend.  Highs will be down a few degrees Friday through Sunday with the increase in clouds and showers.

The Euro Model shows the better rain chances Friday through early next week, with highs below 90 for a few days with the increased showers & storms.






Blazing Heat Today – Better Rain Chance Will Return – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  On the first day of school for some kids, blazing heat is the big story with the heat index into Triple Digits.  Will there be any cooling relief from showers?   I’ll show you future radar.  There’s more weather changes ahead.  We’ll look ahead to better rain chances returning later in the week, and we’ll peek into the weekend forecast, too.  Plus, the latest from the tropics.


Another one of those upper level heat dome is in place, which will lead to another blazing hot day with a heat index into triple digits, and not many random “hit or miss” storms around.

Rain chances get much better by late week, thanks to 2 factors:  a frontal system moves southward into the state, and a trough of low pressure in the upper atmosphere which will promote scattered to numerous storms.

Rain chances start to get better by Wednesday, but get much better by late week and into the weekend.

Here’s a peek at the Euro model temperature guidance.  Notice how highs fall back to the 80’s again by the weekend with the increase in clouds and showers.



SUNDAY UPDATE:  Triple Digit Heat Index – Not Many Storms – Changes Late Week

Today’s update will be brief, because there are not many changes from yesterday.  Get ready for a hot Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.  There won’t be many storms around, but a few widely scattered storms may cool down some lucky communities.  (Yesterday the Montgomery airport was lucky to pick up .29”, even though there were very few showers on the radar)

A big upper high pressure heat dome is right over us. (see map)  That will keep the rain chances low, and temperatures will soar into the mid 90’s through mid week.  Better rain chances return late week.   It’s so hard to believe that many school systems begin the school year tomorrow morning!

TODAY:   A good bit of sun will allow for another mid 90’s day, with the heat index reaching 100-103 this afternoon.  Storms will be few and far between.  The probability of your town getting wet is about 20%.  Low tonight in the mid 70’s.  Below, notice that the heat today will be widespread.

FUTURE RADAR:  Storms will be widely separated today.  I have chosen to show you two different hi-res model snapshots at 3PM.  Don’t take storm locations literally, but notice how few showers will be around.  By the way, I looked at one more model (NAM model), and it showed no blips at all.


NEXT FEW DAYS:  The start of school this week, for many school systems, will begin on a very hot note, with middle 90’s and not many storms.  Notice how rain chances get a little better by Wednesday, and a lot better by Thursday.  Time to get out the sprinklers.


Have a great Sunday!  I’ll have a complete video will be Monday morning by 4:45AM, as we dissect the week ahead.