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Just Like Summertime This Week – Monday Video

Good Morning!  It will feel a lot like summer this week, complete with some unusually warm days and maybe some “heat of the day” showers roaming around.  We’ll probably see our first 90 degree days by late week.  Could there be severe weather this weekend, with this next strong front?  We’ll look into that, plus the latest on timing and strength.  It’s your 2 minute Monday morning personal weather briefing, with your toast and coffee.

Weak front will move into the Tennessee valley today, but it should fizzle before it reaches us, just like many fronts in June and summer.  It’s very much a summer pattern with highs actually close to or at 90 degrees later this week.  Pop up heat of the days showers or storms area possible, but they will be isolated.

Big question marks remain about an important cold front which will move into the state this weekend.   The models disagree on timing and strength of this system.  Still a little too early to speculate on possible severe weather as this front moves through.  It’s not out of the question.  Here’s the GFS.  It’s a little more concerning, because of the track of the low is a little farther south.

The Euro is a little faster and the low is farther north.  Not as concerning.

Significantly cooler behind the front, especially some chilly mornings.  Here’s a  sample of the Euro guidance.




Perfect Easter Weekend – Summer Preview

It’s one of the best Easter weekend forecasts in years..storm-free and warm.  Highs in the 80’s and lows around 60,  will be nearly ideal for trips to the Lake, Easter egg hunts, or backyard cookouts, or even a coastal getaway.  Later this week, looks like we’ll see the first 90 degree temperatures of the Spring, well ahead of schedule.  Above us, a big dome of high pressure in the upper atmosphere is responsible.  It acts as a protective dome.  Under high pressure the air sinks and heats.  Sinking air also suppress rain chances.

TODAY:  Sunny & warm.  High in the mid 80’s.  Low tonight 61. The warm air extends across the South and even up into the Great Lakes.  Remarkable warmth for the holiday weekend.


EASTER SUNDAY:  Sunrise at 6:14AM, 61 degrees.  Mostly sunny and warm.  High in the mid 80’s  I can’t rule out a stray, isolated shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon ort evening.  Rain chances generally under 20%.

BEACH FORECAST:  A few degrees cooler, because of the onshore flow off the cooler Gulf water.  Highs in the upper 70’s  Mostly sunny through then weekend.  East to SE wind 10-15 will gust to 20 at times.  Can’t rule out a stray showers somewhere Sunday afternoon.  The Gulf Water temp. is 72 at the buoy 12 miles south of Orange Beach.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Isolated showers possible Monday.  Most will stay dry.  Very warm temperatures continue.  In fact, by Thursday & Friday we could be near or above 90 for the first time this season.


NEXT IMPORTANT FRONT:  The next “big deal” front arrives sometime next weekend, April 22 or 23rd.  It will arrive Saturday, if your believe the GFS model, or Sunday if you believe the Euro model.  Showers and thunderstorms will accompany the front.  A significant cool-down is expected behind the front.   Too early to say if there will be severe weather with the front.

Have a safe wonderful, Happy Easter weekend.  I’m here in Orange Beach, but I will be back with your next video update, first thing Monday morning, online by 5.


Teasing a Record High Today? – Updated Easter Forecast – Friday Video


  Welcome to the Easter Weekend!  Could we be teasing a record high today?  That big upper level heat dome above us is building.  That means almost summer-like heat with few if any showers.  Speaking of that…don’t look now but we are getting dry again. I have the latest Drought Monitor.  Plus your weekend Beach Forecast.   Here’s your 2 minute Easter Weekend weather briefing


Could we be teasing a record high in Montgomery today?  The forecast high is 87.  The record high is 89 from 1972.  That Upper Level high pressure bubble is building right over us today.  That helps promote the warmer temperatures, while suppressing showers for the Easter holiday weekend.


Easter looks like a very warm day with highs in the mid 80’s  Rain chances are almost zero, but not quite.

Beach Forecast for the weekend, tweaked and updated.

Don’t look now, but the new Drought Monitor map shows Alabama getting abnormally dry again, across 81% of the state.

Easter Holiday Weekend Updated – Thursday Video

Good Morning!  Our forecast for the Easter Holiday weekend will be more like an early taste or preview of summer.  I’ll update the details and the numbers.  How long will the storm-free days last?  I’ll show you the next “big-deal” storm system, and when it’s likely to arrive.  Here’s your 2 minute Thursday morning personal weather briefing.

The Key to the Easter Weekend holiday forecast involves a “bubble” of pressure up at 20,000 feet, which will be anchored along the Gulf coast, and it will act as a protective dome over us, much like a summertime situation, diverting storm systems away for the next several days.

Great Beach forecast for the holiday weekend.

Next “big deal” frontal system is a little more than a week away.  It could bring some strong thunderstorms into the state, followed by a big cool-down behind the front.




Warm Easter Weekend Forecast– Wednesday Video

Good Morning!  There is rain on the radar.  I’ll show you future radar.  A few folks will get wet today, many will stay dry.  Getting close to the big Easter holiday weekend and the weather should cooperate in a big way.  I’ll bring you up to date on the details.  Plus, the Beach forecast, pollen update and look ahead to the next big storm system on the horizon.  Here’s the hump day edition of your morning weather briefing.


Widely scattered showers will be roaming around today as a weak front moves through the state, then stalls and begins to fizzle.

Updated Easter Forecast calls for a very warm day.  Almost like summer.  Rain chances are small but not zero, especially late in the day when there could be a pop up shower or two.

Great Easter Weekend Beach forecast.

If the pollen has you feeling miserable, the news is not good for the next 5 days.

Tomorrow I will tell you about an excellent Space Station Flyover for Thursday evening.

Have a great Hump Day.