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Weak Front Brings Scattered Showers

A weak cool front moving southward through the state today, with a weakening line of showers and perhaps a thunderstorm or two, will bring a risk of showers today, which could affect your plans.   It will turn a little cooler behind the front tonight, but Sunday’s high may only be a coupe degrees cooler than today.

But, future radar shows how the line of showers weakens and falls apart, as moves southward into central & south Alabama.  Best risk of showers, for most of us will be from about 9AM to 2PM.  But, not everyone will get wet.  Here’s a few Future radar snapshots.

TODAY:  Risk of a few showers. (mainly late morning/early afternoon)  Can’t rule out a thunderstorm.  High today 72.

TONIGHT:  Clearing, a little cooler.  Low 44.

SUNDAY:  Sunshine.  Nice day.  High near 70.  Close to normal for mid March.

SPRING BEGINS MONDAY:  Spring officially starts Monday morning at 5:28AM.  The Vernal Equinox.  And, right on cue, a warm-up in on the menu. We’ll be near 80 Tuesday.  Maybe some spotty showers Wednesday.  Here’s a peek at the next few days.


NEXT SIGNIFICANT FRONT/STORM SYSTEM:  The models still disagree on timing an details, but it appears that the next front will bring showers and thunderstorms into the state, perhaps by Friday or more likely next Saturday, March 25th.  Still too early to say if the storms will be severe, but that possibility is on the table.  Here’s a snapshot of the 2 global models…the GFS and the Euro.

Have a great weekend!  Next video update Monday morning.  Blog updates as needed.


Warmer Days Ahead – Saturday showers? – Friday Video

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  The luck of the Irish.. should be a great day as the warm-up begins.  A front brings a few showers into the state tomorrow.  I’ll show you future radar to help you plan your day.  Spring begins Monday, with some much warmer air on the menu for the week ahead, and maybe a strong storm system before the week is over.  I’ll cover it all, plus an update on your weekend forecast on your Friday morning personal weather briefing.

FUTURE RADAR for Saturday shows a broken line of showers across north central; Alabama by late morning heading southward.  According to this model, there’s not much of the line left when the front sinks into south central at 1PM.  I have the Saturday rain chance at about 30%.


Say goodbye to the cold air, and hello to the big warm-up on the way next few days.


Spring officially begins Monday.



Recovery Ahead: Weekend Forecast Update – Wednesday Video


Good Morning..on the Coldest March morning in 2 years.  But, our March cold-snap is about to start fading away.  I big recovery is on the way.  We’ll look ahead to the weekend. I’ll update the Saturday risk of showers.  Details of much warmer week, and a look down the road at the next big storm system in our future.  Here’s your 2 minute personal briefing on a cold winter’s morning.



To Rain or not to rain Saturday?  A fizzling frontal system will enter the state in the morning and head southward during the day.   Showers will be spotty at best.  Right now I have a 30% chance in the forecast.  Here’s a couple of future radar snapshots.

Big warming is in our future.  Here’s a peek at the US GFS model through the end of this month.

Spring officially begins Monday at 5:28 AM, with highs in the mid 70’s.  Look like we may be close to 80 by Tuesday.

Next potent storm system is about a week away.  Potentially severe.  We’ll see.  It’s early. 


Widespread Damaging Freeze Again Tonight – Wednesday Video

Beware of the Cold Ides of March. This morning was Freeze #1.  Another widespread damaging freeze tonight in central and south Alabama.  But, hang on Spring Breakers.  There will be a big rebound in the temperatures starting this weekend.  Speaking of the weekend, I’ll update the Saturday rain chance has a front moves in.  Plus, a peek ahead to the trends rest of March. When’s the next big storm system?

We’ll do it again tonight.  Freeze Warning covers practically all of the state and deep into Florida, with upper 20’s expected for many of us.

Dry and warmer on St. Patrick’s Day.  Scattered showers Saturday as a weak cold front moves through.

The GFS Model trends out 16 days shows some much warmer days in our future.




Damaging Late Season Freeze Tonight & Tomorrow Night

As expected, the Freeze Warning now covers all but extreme southeast Alabama, tonight.  The extreme southeast counties are under a Freeze Watch for tomorrow night.  Freezing temperatures may even be more widespread tomorrow night / Thursday morning.   Skies are clearing this evening.  The gusty winds will subside a bit, but still, wind chill values will likely reach the low 20’s by morning. Dress appropriately.


Expected Low by Dawn Wednesday 30-32°

Expected Low by Dawn Thursday 27-29°

* IMPACTS…Crops and other sensitive vegetation will be damaged.

The growing season has started earlier than normal due to unseasonably warm temperatures.


A Freeze Warning means sub-freezing temperatures are imminent or highly likely. These conditions will kill crops and othersensitive vegetation.

**Please don’t forget to bring your pets.

Here’s the low temperature map for tonight and tomorrow night.

Big recovery begins this weekend!

I’ll have updated details with you tomorrow morning by 5.  We’ll update the weekend rain chances, too.  Stay warm!  Have a good night!