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Risk of Showers Return –MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  Get ready for a couple of hot October Days today and tomorrow.  But, on this video, I’ll tell you about a frontal system which will bring showers back into the forecast, before cooling us off again.  And speaking of cool fronts, I’ll show you and even nicer front on the not too distant horizon that will make you smile, if you like really nice Fall air.  Plus, we’ll check the tropics for signs of development, on you.


TOO hot for October today and tomorrow with highs in the 80’s.  Widely scattered storms today as a front approaches.


Risk of showers continues Tuesday and Wednesday as a frontal system enters the state and heads for the coast.

The first of two fronts this week will lower highs back into the 70’s for mid to late week with lows in the 50’s.

The second, much more significant front arrives Saturday night into early Sunday with a nice blast of fresh, cool Fall air.

Here’s the raw GFS model numbers.,  The first front lowers temps from the 80’s to the 70’s.  Then, the weekend front could lower us to highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s….MAYBE.  Fingers crossed.





SUNDAY UPDATE:  Back to the 80’s – Risk of Showers Returning Soon

Good Morning!   The “coolness” that we enjoyed for a couple of days is fading for now.  The nights are warmer, and afternoon highs are back in the 80’s for the next three days.  The risk of showers will be back on the weather menu tomorrow through mid week, as another cool front approaches.  The seventies will be back later this week.

TODAY:  Sunshine will dominate.  Light southeast wind 4 to 8 mph.  High today 85.  Tonight’s low 55.  Dry today.

Great weather at Talladega today!   Picture-postcard forecast.

NEXT FEW DAYS:    Monday and Tuesday, with highs in the 80’s, the risk of a few showers will be back, as a cool frontal system approaches.  We should be back to the 70’s by late week, with cooler nights in the 50’s.  Risk of showers will increase again by Friday and over the weekend.

ARE WE DONE WITH THE TROPICS?:  There are no names on the map today.  There is one area to watch in the tropical Atlantic, and on the surface map we see a tropical wave in the western Caribbean.  But, for now, the tropics are as quiet as a mouse.  This is very unlike last Sunday when Invest 91-L became a Depression then Tropical Storm and later Hurricane Michael.  It’s still surreal to think about how quickly Michael blew up, and intensified, and became one of the most intense 3 or 4 hurricanes to strike the US coastline in history.


CLIMATE DATA:  Saturday’s morning low was 54, afternoon high 81.  Normals:  55 and 79.  Sunrise this morning is 6:48.  Sunset at 6:13.

Have a great Sunday! I am back in Montgomery now. I will have you a complete video update Monday morning online by 4:45AM.


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Nice Weekend – Few Showers This Week

As I type this two hours+ before Dawn, we are back in the mid 50’s, again.  Looks like another great Fall day ahead, as we fail to reach 80 for the second day in a row.  But, warmth begins to surge back in Sunday through Tuesday.  The eighties will be back.  At least few showers should start popping up Monday into Wednesday as a couple of fronts approach.

TODAY:  There are some big college games in our state today, including the early game in Auburn with Tennessee.  Bama host Missouri tonight, and Troy hosts South Alabama.  Looks like great weather for whatever you have planned.  With lots of sun, our high may not reach 80 again.  Upper 70’s for most.  Not as cool tonight, with a low of 59.  Humidity will be comfortable with dewpoints in the 50’s Light north wind.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  The 80’s return in a big way Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  The “coolness” of the nights will wear off. Two fronts approach in the week ahead.  Small rain chances return Monday.  Scattered showers will be around mid week.  Temperatures will cool late week.

TROPICAL UPDATE:   What a difference a week makes.  Last Saturday, when I typed this blog update, we were looking at a cluster of thunderstorms off the coast of Honduras.  It had a number, Invest 91-L.    It didn’t take long before we had a Depression and then Tropical Storm, followed by Hurricane Michael.  It all happened in a 4 day span, and Michael went on to be on a list of perhaps the top 3 or 4 hurricanes in history.  Complete catastrophic devastation on the Florida Gulf Coast.  It happened quickly.

Now, here we are on another Saturday morning.  Post tropical storm Michael  is a huge north Atlantic storm.  In the rest of the tropics there are two named storms.   It seems like we have tracked Leslie for weeks.  It’s heading toward Portugal and Spain.  Nadine is dying as it moved west in the tropical Atlantic.

Closer to home, in the western Caribbean, there’s another westward moving tropical wave.  There are no signs that we need to worry about this system…at least not yet.

Meanwhile, the Michael death toll has risen to 17.  Last Saturday we had some idea that we might be dealing with a named system that could become a hurricane.  Who could have known the unbelievable ferocity that Michael would become.

CLIMATE DATA:  Friday’s morning low was 51.  Afternoon high 78.  Normal low is 55, normal high 79.  Sunrise this morning at 6:49AM, sunset 6:14PM.

The Orionid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity on 21 October 2018. Some shooting stars associated with the shower are expected to be visible each night from 16 October to 30 October. Annual meteor showers arise when the Earth passes through streams of debris left behind by comets and asteroids.

Hope you have a nice weekend!  I’m headed back from Washington today.

I’m planning another Blog update first thing Sunday morning.  The next complete video will be online  Monday morning.


FRIDAY UPDATE:  Beautiful Weekend – Another Front Next week

The much anticipated “cool” Fall morning we’ve been dreaming about for months is taking place now.  As I type this pre-dawn, temperatures are already in the mid 50’s, and will fall a little more to the low 50’s by dawn.  Very NICE!  Expect a text-book perfect weekend with seventies for highs today and Saturday.  We’ll fall to the 50’s again tonight.  Then, another big-rebound is on the way, with 80’s again,  Sunday and Monday, and perhaps Tuesday, before yet another cold front sweeps through.

TODAY:  A beautiful Fall day is in store.  Sunshine, blue skies, light northerly breeze at 6 to 12 mph.  Today’s high, with low humidity, 75, tonight’s low 55.  It doesn’t get nicer than this.

THE NEXT FEW DAYS:  Look for the 80’s to return Sunday, Monday and Maybe Tuesday.  Perhaps middle 80’s.  There could be a few showers out ahead of our next Front by Monday afternoon, Monday night and Tuesday morning.  Then, the first of 2 cool fronts sweep through the area.  That should take us back to the 70’s again by mid to late week.

GFS MODEL TEMPS:  The GFS shows the big warm-up Sunday through Tuesday, before an extended string of nice Fall days with highs in the 70’s and lows in the 70’s


AFTERMATH OF MICHAEL:  Michael is still a powerful post tropical cyclone, now in the Atlantic, east of where I am typing this,  here in Washington.

We all continue to see the images of the catastrophic devastation, the unimaginable damage that will forever change so many lives, and the Florida coastal towns that are dear to our heart.  The pictures are surreal, and difficult to grasp.

And, it wasn’t just the Florida coast which suffered.  The amount of damage along Michael’s trek across the Southeast US Wednesday night and Thursday is simply enormous.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the countless, thousands, millions affected, who now have the arduous task of picking up the pieces and starting over.

A snapshot of Mexico Beach.  Complete blocks leveled.  Gone.

Michael’s Trek of Terror.

Good morning from Washington, DC.  I’m here for a double funeral.  My brother Dennis and his wife Kristy will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery this morning.  Dennis passed away in February.  Kristy died a few months before Dennis.  It is quite an honor.  Arlington is the most hallowed ground for a burial than any spot on earth.  I’ll also be visiting my brother Hal, who was buried in Arlington will full military honors in 2014.

The same cold front, which brought the nice air to Montgomery, swept into Washington overnight. For the funeral this morning it will be brisk, but nice:  sunny, breezy, and cool, 58 degrees.

I’ll have another blog update in the morning.  Enjoy this great Fall weather.


Cool Frontal Relief Finally On The Way – THURSDAY Video

After Michael left a trail of catastrophic destruction, the storm will quickly depart our region, and in it’s wake some really nice air will sweep into the state with a cool front.  Get ready for a nice taste of the great fall weather we’ve been dreaming about for months.  I’ll take an interesting peek down the road into next week.  What’s this I’m seeing?  Check out your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.



As Michael quickly exits the region off to the northeast, a cold front sweeps in with some nice Fall Air!

Check out the lows early Friday morning.  Amazing.


Look for a great Fall weekend ahead.  Just beautiful.  Another cool front approaches Monday.  Slight chance of showers Monday, followed by some nice air on the way behind the front Tuesday.

The GFS is hinting there could be a couple of mornings in the upper 40’s late week next week.