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Gulf Storm System – Rain Returns –THURSDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!   Rain is returning to the forecast, as a Gulf storm system brushes by the area today and tonight.  Our chilly forecast continues for a couple more days.  Temperatures will finally begin to moderate over the weekend.  I have an update on the details through the weekend and into early next week.  We’ll look at how much rain could fall.  Are there any more freezes on the horizon?   We’ll take a peek at Thanksgiving week.

Low pressure storm system will track through the northern Gulf today and tonight.  Rain will overspread the area today and tonight.  Another very chilly day for November.

The eastern and southeast counties will see some of the heavier rainfall totals in our state.  The more concentrated and heavier rain totals will be in Georgia.

The 60’s finally return this weekend and through much of next week, too.  Nice weekend.  Chilly nights, nice days.

The next frontal system is roughly a week away on November 22nd, and another one closer to Thanksgiving,

Bundle up! – How Long Will The Arctic Cold Stick Around? –WEDNESDAY VIDEO

It’s not only cold,  many cities will reach Record Lows this morning.  Wind chill is in the teens this morning.  We’re 40 degrees colder than the pre-dawn hours Tuesday.  Bundle up this morning.  Dress in layers.  Today will be cold, again, but not quite as windy. And, we’ll be close to the freeze level again tonight.  But, how long will this early season Arctic Shocker be around?   On this video, we’ll look ahead to a milder weekend.  What’s next? Are there any more Cold bumps in the road on the horizon.  We’ll take a peek out beyond Thanksgiving, on your Wednesday morning weather video.


RECORD shattering Arctic Cold covers much of the eastern half of America.  Records could be broken in 1209+ cities this morning.  TOO cold again today.  Another freeze tonight.

A Gulf disturbance brings a chance of rain by Thursday afternoon and Thursday night.  We have a milder weekend to look forward to.  Chilly at night, but 60’s in the daytime.  Milder trend continues Monday.

We finally see a pattern change where the cold fronts don’t keep coming at us every 3 or 4 days.  FINGERS CROSSED.  A Milder pattern next week and Thanksgiving week.

Arctic Invasion: Freeze Warning Tonight – Wind Advisory – Record Low? –SPECIAL TUESDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!   Alabama is in for a dose of Winter weather, about a month early.  The Arctic Invasion is already underway.  Temperatures will be warmest this morning and plunge throughout the day.  Freeze Warning tonight and Wednesday night.  Near record lows by morning.   Wind chill will be a big factor. So, how cold will it go?  How long will it last?  What about the rest of the week?  I have some answers on an important Tuesday morning video update.


Rain will mainly be a morning issue for us.  By lunchtime, it should have left the state.

Wind advisory today for wind gusts as high as 30 mph.  Plunging temperatures all day to the 30’s this afternoon and to the middle 20’s tomorrow morning.

FREEZE warning tonight and tomorrow night.  WIND advisory for today.

Lows tonight will reach record levels across the Deep South.  Freeze Warning.

Look at the wind chill early tomorrow morning!   Coats, hats, gloves, scarves needed.

Slight chance of showers late Thursday/early Friday.  Warming trend over the weekend.  Back to the 60’s.

GREAT news!   A Much milder pattern ahead next week and for the rest of November…WE HOPE!!

Taste of Winter Ahead – Record Cold Lows – Freeze Warning –MONDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!   Are you ready for a dramatic change in climate?  Today, on this Veterans Day 2019, it will be very comfortable, and mainly dry during a good part of the day.  Rain spreads into the area by this evening and tonight.  The season’s first Arctic Cold Front sweeps into the area overnight, ushering in drastically colder air.  Tuesday will be windy and raw, and we’re headed for records Tuesday night, along with the first freeze.  So, how cold?  What about wind chill?   How long will the cold be around?  We’ll look ahead toward the rest of the week and into the weekend.

Much of this day will be dry and rather comfortable.  Rain comes in by this evening and tonight and the arctic cold front arrives in the overnight hours.

Here’s the expected position of the Arctic Cold Front by 5AM Tuesday.

MANY cities will see RECORD Lows by Dawn Tuesday morning.  First Freeze for many of us.  FREEZE WARNING in effect.

Coats, hats, gloves and scarves ready?  You’ll need them.  Extreme wind chill values for so early in the season on Wednesday morning.

Windy, Cold and Raw Tuesday with drastically falling temperatures.  Leftover rain in the morning.  Record cold Wednesday morning, and a high temperature barely up to 50 degrees.  Another freeze Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  Back to the 60’s Friday and Saturday.



SUNDAY UPDATE:  Arctic Air Arrives Tuesday – Change of Wardrobe Ahead

Get ready for a simply beautiful Sunday.  Nice afternoon warm-up.  But, significant weather change are on the way. Veterans Day will be comfortable, but spotty showers could pop up by afternoon.  Rain is likely Monday night as an Arctic Cold front Approaches.  The front reaches the are late Monday night, but rain will persist.  Tuesday, will be a Windy, Raw, Cold Winter’s day.  A shocking change.  Get ready for a change of wardrobe.  Coats, Hats, gloves, scarves kind of cold.  The first freeze for many of us will be Tuesday night as we head for the 20’s.  Wind chills will fall to the Teens.

TODAY:  After a frosty start, we should see a remarkable warm-up by afternoon.  Sunshine will dominate.  High in the upper 60’s to near 70.  Clouds will begin to increase tonight.  Now as cool.  Low 43.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Veterans day will be dry in the morning.   Rain is likely Monday night as an Arctic Cold front Approaches.  The front reaches the are late Monday night, but rain will persist, well behind the front through Mid day Tuesday.  Tuesday will be bitterly cold for November.  Our high for the day will hover near 44, but you’ll swear its much colder with the strong northwest winds behind the Arctic Cold Front.  We’ll be in the mid 20’s by Tuesday morning, but the wind chill will drop to the teens.  There will be a second freeze Tuesday night/Wednesday AM.  For now, I have removed from the Thursday outlook.  A weak Gulf disturbance may stay just south of the area.

Here’s a look at lows by Dawn Wednesday morning.  Record lows will be common across the Deep South.  For many of us, it will be the first freeze.  Wind chills could fall to the teens by Wednesday morning.


I will have a video update for you first thing tomorrow morning at 4:45AM.  We have MUCH to talk about.  Have a great Sunday!