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Warming Trend This Week – Weekend Front – Monday Video

Good Morning.     There’s a lot of sunshine on the menu for the week ahead.  I’ll fill you in on a warming trend.  Plus, everybody wants to know the details of what looks like an interesting pattern in our future for Thanksgiving and Iron Bowl week, with a couple of surges of chilly air. I’ll try to sort out the details.   Here’s your Monday morning personal weather briefing.

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Cloudy start to this day, with some patchy fog, too, but gradually sunshine will take over by afternoon.  Highs in the 60’s


A warming trend is on the menus for the week ahead.  The warmest days will be Thursday & Friday.  Nights and mornings will still be chilly.


The next significant Cold front arrives on Saturday.  Showers and thunderstorms with the front, then much cooler behind it.

The Global Models show the trends.  A warming trend through Friday, followed by the cold front and a sharp drop after that.

Here’s the Euro followed by the GFS.




Cloudy, Cool Sunday – Warming Trend This Week

Cool air continues to circulate into the state around a Cold High along the east coast.  It will be a cloudy, cool Sunday.  Highs will struggle to reach 60.  Some places will stay in the 50’s.  Patches of light rain or drizzle will be around at times. Early morning radar shows a blips here and there already.  The rain will not amount to much.  Clouds will hang in tonight and first half of the day Monday.  Tonight’s low will reach the upper 40’s  After the Monday morning gloom, look for improvement in the afternoon and clear skies Monday night.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Following the clouds and cool Sunday and half of the day Monday, much of the week will feature a lot of sunshine with a gradual warming trend. Nights and mornings will be chilly.  Afternoons will be comfortable.  The coldest mornings will be Tuesday and Wednesday.  The warmest days will be Thursday & Friday as lower 70’s return.



LOOKING AHEAD:   Friday daytime will be dry and warm.  But, an important cold front will sweep across the state overnight Friday night into Saturday morning.  ‘Tis the season for severe weather, however, right now, there’s no strong indication we will see severe weather with this frontal passage.

Just to whet your appetite about Thanksgiving and Iron Bowl Week:  The raw numbers from the GFS model continues to show “stages of cool” during the week.  According to the trends, it should be very chilly around Thanksgiving and through Iron Bowl weekend.  I’ll get into more depth and update details for you tomorrow morning when we know more.  Don’t take these numbers literally.  This is just “guidance”.

I’ll have a complete  video briefing for you first thing in the morning, online by 4:45AM.  Have a great Sunday!


Cool Veterans Day Weekend Forecast

Happy Veterans Day, and Thank You to all Veterans for your service!   We have a cool forecast.  The coolest air, will be the farther east you go in the state today.  Clouds will increase.  There could be some spotty drizzle, or a light shower or two by late tonight and into Sunday.  Also in this blog, the outlook through Wednesday, an update on Football weather, and a little “tease” about Thanksgiving week weather and Iron Bowl Weekend.

TODAY:  A cool breeze, circulating around that Cold high in the Northeastern US, will make for an interesting temperature gradient.  It will be warmest in the southwest and west counties, and coolest near the Georgia border.  Auburn’s high may not make it to 60, while Montgomery may barely approach the mid 60’s.  The southwest counties will flirt with 70.  Clouds will increase during the day.  It will be mostly cloudy tonight.  Could be a couple of light showers or drizzle late tonight, mostly after Midnight.


NEXT FEW DAYS:  Sunday will be rather cloudy & cool.  There could be a little drizzle or light showers at times.  Rain will be spotty and light.  Highs will struggle to reach 60.  Monday and Tuesday looks great with comfortable days and chilly nights and mornings.  Wednesday will be a warmer day.

FOOTBALL WEATHER:  It will feel like Football weather today for a couple of key SEC games today, in Auburn and Starkville, MS. involving the number 1 & 2 teams in the nation. Kickoff at 2:30 in Auburn for Auburn/Georgia, and 6PM in Starkville for Alabama/Miss. State. Wear something warm.

ACTIVE PATTERN AHEAD:  Just a few words about some interesting days ahead in the period from about November 17 through November 26.  A strong Cold Front sweeps through the state sometime around Friday night, Nov. 17.  It’s too early to say if there will be severe weather associated with the front.  That will be “stages of cool”  which will engulf the state in theb days that follow.  There will be 2 or 3 fronts during Thanksgiving week.   It appears the “Real Deal Chilly Air” will be firmly entrenched by Black Friday and through the Iron Bowl weekend.  What do you think about the prospects for a cold Iron Bowl Saturday?  Stay tuned.  The details are coming into focus.  I’ll keep you informed.

Just as a little tease…here’s the GFS model raw temperature guidance for the next 16 days.  Don’t take the numbers verbatim.  We are only looking at trends.  Stay tuned… 🙂

Have a great weekend!


Cool Fall Weekend Forecast – Friday Video

Good Morning..on a chilly Friday morning.  Dense fog could be an issue at some locations early.  On this video, I’ll update the details of great Veterans Day weekend with an extended string of cool day and chilly nights. And, we’ll look ahead to an important front about a week away, and some interesting Thanksgiving Week weather, as a chunk of cold air from Canada edges southward.  What will that mean for us?  Some good information on your Friday morning personal weather briefing.

Another reinforcing shot of cooler air arrives today, just in time for the Veterans Day weekend.  Highs today upper 60’s with blue skies.  Chilly tonight with lower 40’s by dawn.

The next few days….a string of cool days and chilly nights ahead.


The global models are advertising an important front about a week away.  They differ on the timing.  The GFS says it will arrive on Friday, Nov 17th, and the Euro says Nov. 18.  Strong storms along the front?  We don’t know yet, but this is severe weather season.

The models advertise two batches of colder air arriving Thanksgiving week.  Could be a chilly Thanksgiving weekend.  Here’s the Euro and GFS temperature guidance.



Morning Rain Will Exit – Cool Fall Days Ahead – Thursday Video

Good Morning!

Drenching morning rain will make for a dismal AM commute.  But, I’ll show how the rain will make a quick exit, and that nice cooler, drier air we’ve been looking forward will sweep in, just in time for the Veterans Day weekend.  I have updated the weekend numbers and details.  And, we’re looking ahead.  Thanksgiving week looks very interesting indeed.  I’ll give you a peak.  Settle back, here is your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.


Drenching morning rain, but the rain will exit quickly by mid to late morning, followed by clearing, then a chilly night ahead.

The next few days look great, right on through the Veterans Day weekend.

Looking several days down the line..Thanksgiving Week is starting to look very very interesting indeed.  Strong Cold Front moves through, followed by sharply colder air sweeping southward.   Here’s just a peak to wet your appetite.