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Returning to a Typical June Pattern – WEDNESDAY Video

 Good Morning!  Slowly, but surely, our daily weather is easing back to a more normal June pattern.  Yes, there will be showers and storms on the radar every day.  But, there won’t be as many to go around.  Storms will be scattered, random…”hit or miss”, and mainly in the afternoon & evening hours each day today through the weekend.  I have adjusted the daily rain chance, closer to the summertime “normal” for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches.  I have the latest from the National Hurricane Center on that “Area to Watch” in the Caribbean.

Scattered showers and storms will be most numerous this afternoon & this evening. Not as many storms on the radar today. Hot & humid.

Hot and humid days with scattered mainly afternoon and evening storms. Getting back to a familiar summertime pattern next few days.

Typical June Beach Forecast for the weekend.

Storms Thin Out Mid-week – Summertime Normal Returning – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Our better than normal rain chances continue today.  We are still on the wet side of that Upper Low in the mid-Mississippi Valley.  Showers and storms will be in ample supply, especially by this afternoon and this evening.  But, as that low migrates toward the Great Lakes tomorrow, our forecast will start to take on more of typical, familiar June/summer pattern.  There will be fewer random storms each day, and highs will be close to 90 degrees each day.  I have updated the forecast numbers through the weekend.  And, I have the latest on that Area to Watch in the Caribbean on your Tuesday morning video

Once again today, the stage is set for a generous supply of showers and storms across the area, especially in the afternoon and evening. We are on the WET side of that bigger upper low in the middle of the country.

Tomorrow, as the upper low migrates toward the Great Lakes, high pressure builds in the upper atmosphere. Random hit or miss storms will thin out in number for the rest of the week.

As the storms thin out, Wednesday through Saturday, daily highs will be back near 90. It will be very humid. I’ll bump the rain chances up just a notch on Sunday.

NHC continues to monitor that Area To Watch in the SW Caribbean. Now, it has a 30% chance of development in the next 5 days as it moves in the general direction of the Yucatan.

Wet & Stormy Couple of Days – Storms Thin Out Mid-week – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  We’re still on the wet side of an Upper Low over the ArkLaTex region.  Showers and storms will be widespread across the area again today, tonight and Tuesday.  But, by mid-week our weather will start to change.  We’ll be returning to a more typical June pattern with hotter days and only random hit or miss storms.  I have updated the rain chance for the rest of the week.  I have the latest from the National Hurricane Center.   They are monitoring an “Area to Watch” in the Caribbean. 

Showers and storms will be widespread again today, tonight and Tuesday. We’re still on the wet side of the Upper Low.

By mid-week, the upper low will be gone as high pressure builds above us, and we return to a more typical June pattern.

Wet through Tuesday. Storms thin out mid and late week. Hotter.

NHC is monitoring and Area to Watch in the Caribbean.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Wet at Times Today & Monday – Storms Thin Out Mid-week

Good Morning!   If you didn’t get rain at your house yesterday, today may be your day.  Certainly there will be a lot more rain to go around for the next 2-3 days.  We’re on the west side of a “cut-off Low” over the ArkLaTex region.  By mid-week, that storm system will migrate to Ohio and our rain chances will return to a summertime normal. 

     Today and Monday, the heaviest rainfall amounts will be across the western half of the state and especially SW Alabama.  The southwest counties will not see nearly as much. Parts of Louisiana could see 5 to 8″

TODAY:  Very humid.  Cloudy.  Light winds early, then SE wind 10 to 18 in the afternoon.  Showers and storms become likely today and tonight.  High today 84.  Low tonight 70.   Here’s a couple of Future Radar snapshots.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Showers and storms will be widespread Monday and Tuesday.  The rain chances will return to a more typical for June 30% Wednesday through Friday.  Highs back to near 90 by Thursday and Friday. 

TROPICS:   The Atlantic basin is quiet now.  But, the longer range Euro ensemble models suggest that the Gulf may need to be monitored closer to the middle of the month.  Particularly the southwest Gulf.

I’ll have a complete video update tomorrow morning.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


SATURDAY UPDATE: Spotty Storms Today – Better Coverage Sunday & Monday

Good Morning!   We’re in to that familiar summertime pattern a little early this year.  Very humid.  Random, hit or miss storms each day.  Today will be similar to the last two days.  Some towns will get wet, others will stay dry.

    The odds of getting wet start to increase Sunday and showers and storms will be rather numerous by Monday and Tuesday.  The storms will start to thin out in number by Wednesday and Thursday.

TODAY:  Sunshine will be limited.  Mostly cloudy.  Humid.  High upper 80’s.  Low tonight 70.  Scattered, random showers and storms will be most likely in the afternoon and evening hours.  Here’s a late afternoon Future Radar snapshot.  Notice the most concentrated rain today will be in SW Alabama.

SUNDAY & MONDAY:  Showers and storms will become more numerous Sunday and especially Monday and Tuesday.  We’ll be on the wet side of an upper low over Arkansas. 

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Random storms.  Best rain chance Monday and Tuesday.  The number of storms will start to thin out by Tuesday & Wednesday, to a more typical summer pattern.  Highs in the 80’s. 

Rainfall amounts will vary quite a bit over the region. Take a look at the excessive amounts in Louisiana.

BEACH FORECAST:  Not nearly as nice as last weekend.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms could interrupt your plans from time to time.  The rip current risk is listed as low. 

THE TROPICS:  The tropics are quiet now, but the European Ensemble models suggest we need to keep an eye on the west western Caribbean and western Gulf in about a week to ten days.

I will have another Blog Update for you tomorrow morning.

Have a nice weekend!