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FRIDAY UPDATE:  Nice Air Will Fade Soon – Heat, Humidity & Storms Will Return

What a beautiful weather pattern we have been enjoying!  Montgomery’s morning low was 60, after 86 yesterday afternoon.  But, the key to comfort has been the dewpoints which have been in the 50’s!   That’s nice air!   Unfortunately, that will be going away soon.  Enjoy today, because tomorrow dewpoints will return to near or above 70 by evening.  The “Muggies” are returning.  Plus, rain chances will start to escalate.  Scattered storms Sunday will become more numerous next week, especially by Tuesday through Thursday. All good things must come to an end.  Tropical air will return.

I’m here at an AMS Weather conference in San Diego, where yesterday’s high was 71, at this morning’s low was 64.  It’s going to be hard to return to the reality of Alabama humidity this weekend.

TODAY:  Sunshine.  Low humidity.  Comfortable.  High 87.  East wind 4 to 8 mph.   Low tonight 63.

Current set-up.   The Nice air, with lower humidity will retreat, but southwesterly winds will bring in all that tropical air which is lurking just off the coast.

NEXT FEW DAYS  Heat, humidity and rain chances will return.  Scattered storms Sunday.  Storms become more numerous Monday through Thursday and beyond.

Next week, an approaching upper trough of low pressure will interact with Tropical Moisture to set off widespread showers and storms, most numerous during the heat of the day,

BEACH FORECAST:  The really, really nice Beach weather of the last few days will start to evolve.  Tropical air returns, and hit or miss storms will be back over the weekend.

– –

I will have another forecast update tomorrow morning.  Enjoy another comfortable day today…  Its about to go away.  This is the final full day of the weather conference in San Diego.  I’ll return to Alabama over the weekend.


Rare June Treat (For now…but..) – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning from San Diego!   GREAT Alabama weather to talk about today.  Sunshine, blue skies, and very comfortable humidity.  Two great days in a row, because We’ll do it again tomorrow.  BUT, we know that won’t last.  On this video, I’ll tell you about the returning humidity this weekend, and I’ll update the rain chances which will ease back into our forecast.


Near June perfection today.  Sunshine.  Blue skies….comfortable temperature and humidity.  WOW.

Friday will be another great day.  Comfortable.  Then humidity arrives this weekend.  Rain chances creep back into the forecast.

Not a bad Beach Forecast, compared to last weekend, which was truly AWFUL.

Nicer Air On The Way Soon!

Good Morning!   You could encounter a stray storm  somewhere in the area today, but the news is getting better, as somewhat more comfortable air filters in for the next couple of days.  Plus, I’ll update the weekend details for here at the beach.  Your update from San Diego this morning.

Can’t rule out some spotty storms today…

Couple of great days Thursday & Friday.   Few spotty storms this weekend.

Better beach forecast than last week


Storms Will Thin Out – Better Days Late Week – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!   Showers will start to thin out over the next couple of days.  In fact, many towns will be dry today.  On this video, we’ll look ahead to a couple of great days late week.  Plus, we’ll look ahead to the weekend details.  It’ll far better than last weekend, but there may be a ‘few’ storms on the radar.  I have updated the rain chance.  Plus a quick glance at the trend for next week.


The best rain chances slip into Southeast Alabama, today,  Still, though, will hang onto a tiny rain chance today.  Still very humid.

An approaching front brings in some scattered storms Wednesday.  But, that  front will introduce some lower humidity and nice days late week.  The weekend will feel like summer with highs near 90.   Isolated storms Saturday.  Scattered storms Sunday.

More Storms Today – Storms Thin Out Next Couple of Days – – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  Storms will be in ample supply across the area again today.  But, the trend will be for fewer storms Tuesday & Wednesday.  Late week is looking pretty nice as Alabama begins to dry out for a few days, after some locally excessive rain totals over the weekend.  On this video, I’ll walk you through the day to day details.  How much more rain?  What about next weekend?


Complicated pattern at the surface and aloft… Showers & storms in ample supply again today.  Heavier amounts in east & SE alabama.

Storms will thin out Tuesday and Wednesday.  We will dry out with some nice days Thursday through Saturday.  Risk of showers returns Sunday.

The potential for heavier rain totals shift eastward today…

Hang on.  The Beach Forecast will start to improve later this week!