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Weekend Storm System: A Cold Drenching Rain – FRIDAY Video

Happy Friday!  There is no way to sugar-coat the weekend forecast.  We have a cold drenching rain in our forecast.  For most of us, the rain begins tonight, and gets heavier tomorrow and tomorrow night.  I’ll update the timing, and we’ll look at how much rain could fall.  And, I’ll give you a peek into the week ahead, including another storm system on the weather menu.


North Alabama will be wet today, but for much of us in central and south Alabama, the rain will overspread the area overnight tonight.


Get ready for a cold drenching rain Saturday and Saturday night.

Get ready for a soaker.  Rainfall amounts in many areas will average between 2.5 and 3.5″

Cold, breezy and wet this weekend.  Monday’s high may not reach the mid 40’s, with the risk of a leftover shower.   COLD Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  Risk of more showers by Wednesday PM into Thursday.


Weekend Storm System – Drenching Rain – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  It’s the coldest morning of the season so far, But, look for slow recovery in our temperatures starting today.  Next up, is a substantial weekend storm system that will likely have an adverse affect on a lot of Saturday Christmas events, with a cold drenching rain.  At least it won’t be snow.  Many of our neighbors across the South could be dealing with a crippling snow storm.  I’ll fill you in on the potential travel nightmare.  Plus we’ll look ahead to another big deal storm system next week.

After the coldest morning of the season so far, we should see a little recovery today, by afternoon.

Weekend storm system takes center stage with drenching rain for us and snow and ice for some neighboring states.  It will be a very cold weekend and an even colder Monday.

Rain will dominate the state Saturday and Saturday. Expect massive travel problems as snow and ice affect states north of Alabama.

Drenching rains could total 2-3″+ for many of us.

Looks like  crippling storm system for parts of the south, especially the Carolina’s

Chilly Week – Big Weekend Storm System – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Bundle up.  It’s a cold December morning.  Highs today will stay in the 40’s.  We’re headed for the 20’s tonight.  On this video, we’ll look ahead to the approach of a significant weekend storm system, which could affect a lot of events.  I have an updated on the timing, how rain could fall, and I’ll show you who could get snow from this system.  This storm system will be a big headline maker as far as how much snow could blanket parts of the south.


Very cold December day.  Highs in the 40’s  Low tonight in the 20’s.

The next big deal event is this weekend storm system with a cold drenching rain, followed by even colder air by Monday.

The storm system coming out of the plains will sweep across the south and make a lot of headlines with drenching cold rain for us, which could have a big affect on a lot of weekend Christmas events.

Rainfall for many of us could reach 2-3″ with heavier amounts across South Alabama.

But this storm system will be remembered as a prolific snow producer for the south.

This is the Anniversary of one of Montgomery’s biggest snowfall hands down.  Eleven inches of snow in 24 hours.  Biggest ever recorded in one storm.  Biggest ever in a month.  Biggest ever in a year.  Back in those days, the Weather Bureau was located at the Dexter Ave. Post office.


Chilly Days – Much Colder Nights – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  You’ll need a warmer coat today.  Much cooler air has overspread the state.  We have a couple of sub-freezing nights ahead.  And, we already have our eyes on the next storm system, which could spoil a lot of weekend plans.  I’ll bring you up to date on the new storm system timing.  Plus, we’ll take a peek into the middle of the month. The next storm system could be a bigger deal.


What a change in reality.  Today’s high will barely reach the low 50’s, but that chilly wind will make it seem colder.  We’re headed for the first of a couple sub-freezing nights tonight.

Looks like the coldest morning will be Thursday morning with upper 20’s by dawn.


The chilly days and cold nights will be around for much of the week.  The next storm system is a big deal.  It will bring a cold rain to the area by Friday night, and through much of Saturday.  Much colder again Sunday and Monday.

This next storm system will bring a variety of problems to a multi-state area including snow and ice for some.  Fortunately just rain in Alabama.

Here’s the expected snowfall with this next system.  Close call for Alabama, but our neighbors, not too far away could see some snow.

Good Morning! Get ready for some colder air, which will arrive in stages.  Today will be cooler than yesterday. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday will be considerably colder.  On this video, I’ll walk you through the week ahead.  Our next significant storm system could be here as early as Friday night into Saturday.  How will this storm system affect the state?  Some winter weather could be a factor in parts of the South by the weekend.  I’ll run it all down in 2 minutes, with your toast and coffee on your Monday morning personal weather briefing.

Today will be about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. Colder tonight.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be cold.  We’ll be below freezing Wednesday morning, and perhaps upper 20’s by Thursday morning.

Thursday morning will be the coldest morning.  Here’s a look at temps near Dawn.

Another substantial storm system is on the weekend weather menu.  Looks rain for us, but snow and ice will not be too far to the north with this system.

The EURO 10 day thumbnail.  Cold this week.  Cold Thursday morning.  Storm system Friday night into Saturday, then colder again.

Parts of the South will see snow this weekend!  Look at the Carolinas.