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SATURDAY UPDATE: Cold Weekend Forecast – Storm System Monday


Overview: A storm system will bring moisture into the area with cold air in place after midnight Monday morning. Precipitation will likely begin as snow or sleet before sunrise on Monday morning across northern and northwest counties, then gradually mix with rain and become all rain by noon on Monday as temperatures rise across the area.
Changes from previous forecast: Updated risk area, time frame and accumulation estimates.

Where & When :


Good Morning!  It’s quite COLD.  Get ready for another brisk Winter’s day today.  Tonight will be the coldest night.  Lows will fall to the 20’s.  Even with lots of sunshine, Sunday will be cold. 

    All eyes on that Monday storm system.  Although it will generally be just a cold rain for most of us, parts of central and western Alabama could briefly see a winter mix in the Monday morning pre-dawn hours.   Details below.  

TODAY:  Morning cloudiness will gradually give way to sunshine.  It will be quite breezy again.  Highs will barely struggle to reach the mid 40’s  NW winds will occasionally gust to 20 mph later today.  Winds die down tonight.  We’re headed for the 20’s by Dawn. 

Once again today, the winds will play a factor in the comfort level.  Here’s a model forecast showing some wind gusts near of above 20 mph are possible by mid-day.  Winds will die down tonight. 

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Sunday will still be WAY below normal.  After a very cold start, the high will struggle to reach 50, even with sunshine.  Rain Monday.  Read more about that storm system below.  Chilly Tuesday and Wednesday.  Temperatures will moderate some by the end of the week.

MONDAY STORM SYSTEM:  For almost all of us, the Monday storm system will be just a cold rain.

   However, in the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning, there could briefly be a mix of perhaps,  rain, sleet, snow in parts of west central and central Alabama.  I have drawn a “guesstimated” line on the map showing the area that could see a brief pre-dawn mix, at the start, before the precipitation changes to all rain.   No accumulations.  However, parts of extreme NW Alabama could see a tiny accumulation of snow.


I’ll have another Blog update early tomorrow morning.  Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.


Windy & Colder – Monday Storm System

Happy Friday!  There’s not much to be happy about.  Cold air will dominate the state today and for much of the weekend ahead.  Temperatures will continue Much below normal for several days.  Wind chill will be a factor through tonight.  The next storm system arrives Monday.  No snow, but a cold miserable rain.  On this video, we will look ahead for some potentially warmer days.  Will most of January be this cold?

Patchy drizzle this morning. Cloudy, windy & cold today. A dismal Winter’s Day.

Dress in layers tomorrow. Here’s Wind Chill at Dawn.

The Monday storm system will not bring us snow, but just a cold miserable rain as it drifts eastward along the northern Gulf Coast.

COLD Weekend. Coldest morning will be Sunday. Monday storm system brings a cold rain, which will end sometime Tuesday morning. Below normal temps for several days.

The weekend will be cold. Much of next week will be chilly. We don’t see any 60+ degree respectable days until maybe late next week.

And the hits just keep on coming. I see multiple Cold Shots still out there in the distant future. Spring is now 71 days away.

Storm System Brings Rain Today – Sharply Colder Air Follows

Good Morning!   Today’s storm system is right on schedule.  Mostly just occasional rain.  Thunder is possible, but no severe weather.  Sharply colder air funnels in tomorrow and for the weekend.  The, what about that Monday storm system. Parts of the deep south could see some snow.  Hopefully, though, we won’t have to deal with any Winter Weather Nastiness here. I’ll show what we know and we’ll update the time line.

The Storm system today, will track eastward just north of the Gulf Coast. Rain is likely today and into the evening hours tonight.

No flooding rainfall is expected. Many towns could see half and inch or more.

Stand by. SHARPLY colder air funnels in for Friday. Highs will be in the upper 40’s, but with the wind it will seem much colder. Can’t rule out a coupe of light showers.

VERY COLD Friday and through the weekend, Monday storm system with a COLD rain for us. Dry again Tuesday.

Some parts of the Deep South could see snow from this next storm system. Fortunately it looks like just a cold rain for us.

The Hits just keep on coming. Looks like multiple quick cold shots over the next 16 days.

Mild Today – Rain Returns Thursday

Good Morning!  Our morning chill will fade quickly.  We’re in for another mild day, much like yesterday.  Our “storm system of the week” will bring rain back to the state Thursday. On this video, I’ll fill you on the chilly air that follows the rain.  Plus, what about the next storm system.  The models disagree in a big way on how the system will affect us.  I’ll show you two model ideas on the Sunday night storm system.

Yesterday’s high was 62. Today we won’t be too far from that number. A little breezy. We’re headed for a freeze tonight.

Rain returns Thursday. No severe weather.

Rainfall amounts will generally be under half an inch.

Wednesday will be another dry day. A cold start leads to a relatively mild afternoon. Showers are likely Thursday. Friday will be a raw winter’s day. The wind will make it seem colder. Chilly weekend.

There’s much “buzz” about the potential model solutions on Sunday night. Will the next storm system pass SOUTH of Alabama like the EURO projects, or will the Low track along the Gulf coast and bring potential winter weather to Alabama. The solution is still unclear. Believe me this forecast will change quite a bit before Sunday night. Don’t get too excited.

Chilly air follows for early next week.

Early Week Warming – Thursday Storm System

Good Morning!  It’s chilly out there on this first Monday of the New Year, but we should see a nice afternoon recovery.  A little warming is starting.  Afternoon’s should be mild for January through Wednesday.  The next storm system in the pipeline will bring rain back to the forecast by Thursday.  We’ll also look ahead.  Yet another storm system could affect the state by late in the weekend.

After the COLD start this morning, look for a nice afternoon recovery.

Look for a modest warming trend through Wednesday with highs in the low 60’s.

Storm system brings rain to the state Thursday.

Warming trend through Wednesday. Chilly mornings, mild afternoons. Showers Thursday. Dry Friday and Saturday.

Interesting storm system next Sunday night. We have time to watch it.

Hang in there. 75 more days…