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Showers Threat Continues Today – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  That slow moving storm systems continues to affect Alabama today.  The threat of showers and storms continues today, although the severe weather threat will shift east of the state.  We’ll look ahead to a nice Wednesday and Thursday.  There may be a line of storms moving through our state Friday. we’ll I’ll update you on a couple of potential severe weather threats looming in the next 10 days.  The first one arrives on Sunday.  And, there could be another one in the middle of next week.  I’ll cover it all for you on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.


The slow moving storm system rotates toward the Georgia border and eastward today.  The threat of showers and perhaps a thunderstorm or two will continue.


Nice day Wednesday & Thursday.  A line of storms could move through the state in the overnight hours Thursday night into Friday.  Scattered storms and t’storms with a northward moving front Saturday.  And a Potential Severe Weather Event is shaping up for Sunday.

It’s too early to be specific, but there is a growing threat of severe weather, including a tornado threat on Sunday.  The time line is a little faster now.  More about the specifics and details as we get closer.


More than a week away, there is another severe weather threat looming in the middle of next week, sometime around Wednesday the 18th.  The set-up looks concerning.

Absolutely stellar space station flyover Wednesday evening.  Very bright.  I’ll remind you tomorrow.

Severe Weather Threat Across The State – MONDAY Video

It’s a turbulent start to our brand new week.  All of Alabama, and across adjoining states, are in a Severe Weather Risk today.  A potent storm systems will produce waves of thunderstorms today and tonight.  The front moves through tonight, but there will be a lingering threat of scattered storms tomorrow, as the main storm system lags behind.  On this video, I’ll take you through the week ahead.  We’ll look at a couple other storm systems on the horizon over the next seven days.  Plus, there will be a couple of nice, warm days along the way, too


Severe Weather threat covers all of the state today.  Stronger level 2 threat area in NW and NE Alabama, and this area could expand in future outlooks.  While damaging wind gusts are the main threat, a few brief tornadoes can’t be ruled out.

In Fact the local NWS office has an even large Slight Risk Area outlined for today including areas along and north of a Auburn, Wetumpka line.

Even though the front moves through tonight, there is a lingering threat for scattered showers and a few storms Tuesday, with the main low.  Not severe tomorrow.

After more showers and storms Tuesday…Wednesday and most of Thursday are nice.  Another line of storms will move intro the state late Thursday night into Friday. And, there could be a few showers Saturday.

Another line of storms will move intro the state late Thursday night into Friday.  At this time, it doesn’t look severe.

It’s very early,k but the Sunday storm set-up looks concerning,  and certainly could be a severe weather situation.

SUNDAY UPDATE:  Storm System Approaches

Some of you experienced some strong storms yesterday.  Today, though,  storms will be few and far between.  But, get ready for a potentially stormy Monday and Monday night.  A few storms could be strong, possibly severe.  Much of the state is in a Marginal Severe risk Monday.   A late week storm system will “brush” by the state by late Thursday, but much of the week ahead will be storm-free.

TODAY:   This days will start cloudy.  Then, gradually it will become mostly sunny by afternoon.  High in the low to mid 80’s  There will be widely scattered thunderstorms.  Many towns will stay dry.  The storm threat increases a bit late tonight.   A few storms tonight could reach severe limits, mostly west of a Clanton/Selma line.  Damaging winds are the main threat.

Here’s the severe weather threat map from the Storm Prediction Center, through 7AM  Monday morning.

MONDAY STORM THREAT:  As a front approaches, showers and thunderstorms become likely.  A few storms could become strong possibly severe.  Damaging wind gusts are the main threat.  A marginal severe weather threat covers the entire area on Monday and Monday night.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   After the storms on Monday and Monday night and part of Tuesday, much of the week ahead will be storm-free.  An approaching front late Thursday could bring in a  line of stronger thunderstorms.

LOOKING AHEAD:  Looks like our next important storm system could affect the area by late Sunday April 14.  Looks like there could be a few interesting storm systems in the week that follows.  It’s too early to speculate about the severe weather potential of these systems.


POLLEN FORECAST:  Very high range today and tomorrow.  Moderate to high Tuesday & Wednesday.

I’ll have a complete video update Monday morning.  We’ll focus in on the details of the week ahead. Have a great day today.


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Stormy at Times Next Few Days

Are you ready for the 80’s?  Get ready for several warm days.

There will be stormy episodes, at times over the next few days, but there will also be many warm/dry hours, too.  On this blog,  I’ll tell you about storm threat today, and we’ll look ahead to some potentially strong storms arriving Sunday night into Monday.  As you’ll see below, it’s possible we could be dealing with multiple severe weather threats over the next couple of weeks.

TODAY:   Patchy fog areas this morning.  Partly sunny today.  A warm day.  High near 81.  Much of the morning of the morning and mid day  should be dry.  Scattered thunderstorms will develop this afternoon and this evening.  (Scroll down to future radar, for more on the potential Marginal Severe Weather Risk) Not everyone will see a storm, but some of the storms could put on quite a show with gusty winds and a lot of lightning.  The storm threat  will quiet down later tonight.  Overnight low 63.


If you have outdoor plans today, I’m going to be honest, we’re going to be radar watching especially later this afternoon.  A northward moving warm front will be the focus for scattered showers and storms.  A couple of the storms later this afternoon could be quite strong, with damaging wind gusts possible.  Keep an eye on our weather app this afternoon and this evening.  I know some folks with a 4 o’clock outdoor wedding.  Future radar shows and “iffy” situation by the 4:00PM time frame. The Storm Prediction Center has us in a lower level Marginal severe weather risk.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Much of Sunday will be dry and warm with high in the mid 80’s.  The storm threat increases by later Sunday night into Monday.  Some of the storms could be severe on Monday.  Scroll down to the severe weather threat below.  There could be a few leftover showers Tuesday.  Wednesday and Thursday look almost summer-like with highs well in the 80’s.  Chance of thunderstorms by Thursday night.

SEVERE WEATHER THREAT NEXT SEVERAL DAYS:  As I look 15 days into the future, I’m a little concerned that there could be, potentially multiple severe weather episodes between now and April 19th.  Some of the of the more concerning set-ups are in a time span from about April 14 to 19th.

In the shorter term, however, besides today’s Marginal Risk, let’s talk about Sunday evening and Sunday night.  The greatest severe weather threat will be across the western and northwestern counties.  There will be a much more significant  centered west and northwest of our state, over a huge part of the nation’s mid section.  We’ll be watchful Sunday night.

Monday is a bit of head scratcher.  Right now, we are ALL in a Marginal Severe Weather Risk.  Showers & storms are likely.  But, the extent of our threat is unknown.  Our risk level may increase before we get to Monday.  It depends of several complicated factors.  Stay tuned.  More tomorrow.

LATE NEXT WEEK:  We have our eyes on two future storm systems.  A Thursday night storm system could push a squall line in through our state.  Too early to say about any severe weather threat.   Next weekend, April 13-14, there will be a storm system, we’ll dealing with at some point, which looks concerning to me.  That’s too many days out to get too worried.  Then, there will be another one out toward the April 18-19th time frame.  The point is, as I look deep into the future, over the next 2+ weeks, we could be dealing with bunch of storm systems which could, potentially, cause severe weather problems.  April is a very dangerous month, especially here in Dixie Alley.

BEACH FORECAST:  After a very stormy Beach day Friday, the news has gotten a lot better for today and Saturday.  The front which caused yesterday’s problems is lifting northward.  Widely scattered storms today.  Mainly dry Sunday.  Thunderstorms move in Sunday night and Monday. Moderate Rip current risk through Tuesday.  Gulf water is still chilly.


POLLEN FORECAST:  Medium to high today and very high tomorrow and Monday.

– –

I’ll have another blog update on Sunday morning, early.  Hope you have a nice weekend!  Good luck on your outdoor activities today.  Watch for lightning!


Active Pattern Next 5 Days – Wet at Times – FRIDAY Video

Happy Friday!  We have an active pattern over the next 5 days, along with warmer days.  There have been some adjustments in the weekend forecast on rainfall probabilities, which are just a notch lower.  We have a new update from Storm Prediction Center on which parts of the state could see some severe storms and when.  Plus, we’ll look at who could see the heaviest rainfall totals in the next 5 days.  I have updated the Beach Forecast.  Spoiler alert: beach goers won’t be happy.


Random showers and storms will be roaming around today.  Although your chances of encountering one are relatively small, you could still get under a very heavy downpour.  Warm day.. 80+.

Greatest threat of storms reaching severe limits will be along the southern strip of counties.

SPC has put a bug chunk of the state in a severe weather risk by late Sunday into Sunday evening.  The threat area could be adjusted before we get to Sunday.

Wet at times next few days.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms.  Most concentrated storm threat Monday.  Warm.  Highs in the 80s’

Healthy rainfall amounts across the region next few days.  Heaviest totals in the southern counties and closer to the coast.

Not the best Beach Forecast this weekend.