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SUNDAY UPDATE: Perfect Easter – Warming Trend This Week

Happy Easter!  On this Easter morning, we’ll be in the 30’s, one more time at Dawn.  But, the late Season Cold Snap is fading.  There will be some nice warming today. The normal high is 74.  We’ll be close to normal this afternoon. 

    A nice Warming Trend is in the cards this week.  Monday & Tuesday will be picture-postcard perfect.  Risk of showers and perhaps some thunderstorms return by Wednesday, more likely Wednesday night and Thursday.

TODAY:  Last Easter was turbulent, with dozens of tornadoes. Today will be nearly perfect.  Sunshine will dominate.  High 74.  Clear skies tonight.  Not quite as chilly.  Low 44.  West wind 5 to 9 mph. 

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Great start to the new week!  Monday and Tuesday will be beautiful, as the warming trend continues.  Small risk of showers/storms Wednesday.  Better chance Wednesday night & Thursday.  The Friday and Saturday outlook is a little fuzzy.  We’ll hang on to a small rain chance, subject to change. 

NEXT STORM SYSTEM:  A formidable storm system in the Midwest will begin to effect the state by Wednesday Night and into Thursday.  The parent Low will be far away in Iowa.  It appears the best dynamics for severe weather will be to the west and northwest of Alabama.  Although the severe risk appears small in  Alabama for Wednesday night and Thursday, it is still possible that a small risk will be introduced in the coming days.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, SPC has indicated a severe risk just west and northwest of us. 

TORNADOES LAST EASTER:  Last Easter (April 12, 2020) was a BIG tornado day.  A historic 159 tornadoes touched down across 6 southern states. 

Here’s in Alabama there were 29 tornadoes statewide.  So, nice that we’ll have such a tranquil Easter this year. 

POLLEN:  No relief for everybody with allergies.  The pollen forecast for the next few days is not very good. High today.  Medium to high next few days. 

Tornadoes last Easter… This Easter picture postcard perfect!

I’ll have a complete video update tomorrow morning.  Enjoy this beautiful Easter Weather!


SATURDAY UPDATE: Cold-snap Will Moderate – Perfect Easter – Warming Trend Next Week

Good Morning!  Could we be close to a record this morning, around Dawn?  It sure is possible.  The Montgomery record is 33 (from 1987 and 1993).  We’ll be in the neighborhood, as our late season cool-snap continues. Today will still be way below normal, but not quite as cool as yesterday and certainly not nearly as breezy.

    Easter Sunday looks picture-postcard PERFECT.  Nice warming trend Monday and Tuesday.  Risk of showers and storms returns Wednesday and Thursday.  Any severe weather this week?  Scroll down. 

TODAY:  Near record-low at Dawn.  Risk of frost.  Perhaps a freeze.  Total sunshine today.  High 67.  East wind 6 to 11.  Clear and cold tonight.  Low 38.

EASTER SUNDAY:  Just about perfect.  After the morning chill wears off…nice afternoon warming.  High 74.  (that’s the normal high) East wind at 4 to 8 mph.  Last Easter there were 29 tornadoes in the state, and 159 tornadoes across the south.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Easter Sunday looks nearly perfect.  Chilly start.  Nice Day. Warming trend Monday and Tuesday.  Risk of showers and thunderstorms by Wednesday afternoon.  Better chance Wednesday night and Thursday.  (see below on severe weather potential)

SEVERE THREAT NEXT WEEK?:  Details are not clear on the storm system that will effect the state by Wednesday night/Thursday.  Could there be a severe weather potential?   Maybe.  But confidence in the forecast is very low this far out.  Stay tuned. 

MARCH TORNADO COUNT:  So far April has been tranquil.  Meanwhile, the March tornado count has increased yet again.  There were 3 more tornadoes surveyed in the state from that Wednesday storm system (March 31st.)   There were 25 tornadoes on March 17th, and 11 more tornadoes on March 25th.  That brings the March Alabama tornado total to 39.  The number of STRONG tornadoes (EF-2 or higher) is a staggering ten.   (Including 4 EF-3’s!)    An awful tornado month. 

POLLEN: The pollen count will be in the medium to high range for the next few days.


There will be another blog update in the morning.  Have a nice Easter weekend!


Late Season Cool-Snap Continues – Nice Easter Forecast – Extended Storm-free Pattern – FRIDAY Video

Good Morning!  The calendar says April, but we are in an unusual late season cool snap more like early March.  We’ll be close to freezing and a record at Dawn this morning.  And, tomorrow morning, we’ll be very close to the same neighborhood with more frost.  The days will continue WAY below normal through Saturday.  But, the Easter Sunday forecast continues to look nearly perfect.  How long will the storm-free pattern last?  We’ll look ahead.  I’ll fill you in on a nice warming trend next week.

The normal high is 74. Today we’ll be at least 15 degrees too cool. Rare late season cool-snap continues. Tonight we’ll be bac in the low 30’s. Frost again.

Way too cold tomorrow morning….AGAIN.

Great Easter Sunday forecast.

Warmer by Easter Sunday afternoon and Monday. Storm-free through Tuesday.

Too cool for the beach this weekend. 30’s tonight. But, it won’t rain.

After this cool-snap is in our rear view mirror….next week will be warmer.

Late Season Shocker – Freeze Warning Tonight – THURSDAY Video

Welcome to April!   Old man winter is making one final visit to Alabama.  Today will be a very windy, chilly day.  Tonight, we are headed for a very late season Freeze. We’ll be within a couple degrees of a 120 year-old record.  And, there could even be some frost, again,  on Saturday morning.   I’ll update a very nice Easter Sunday forecast.  And, we’ll look ahead to major warming next week.

GIANT step backward to winter today. WINDY and very cool. Late season cool-snap. Late season freeze tonight.

Winds could gust as high as 35 mph today. The wind advisory covers the whole state…all the way to the coast.

FREEZE Warning area-wide tonight. Very late for this. The record Low in Montgomery for Friday morning is 30 degrees from 1881.

Even Saturday morning there will be yet another frost.

After the Rare Late Season Cool-Snap, we’ll see a nice recovery by Easter Sunday and much warmer next week. Storm-free for several days.

TOO cool for the Beach this weekend. But the sun will be out. 30’s Friday morning, even on the Beach!

Thunderstorms Ending Tonight – Freeze Watch Issued for Thursday Night

New Severe thunderstorm watch for south Alabama until 7PM

FREEZE WATCH issued for Thursday Night


As expected, a Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect until 5PM for much of central & south Alabama. Damaging wind gusts up to 70 mph is possible, along with hail up to ping pong size. A couple of tornadoes can’t be ruled out. A line of strong thunderstorms will move southward across the area ahead of a strong cold front. Some storms will reach severe limits. Be weather aware. Our weather app will instantly alert you to a warning for your location.


  Good Morning!   Get ready for big changes.  A strong cold front sweeps through the state today.  A line of strong/severe storms will precede the front.  It will turn sharply colder behind the front.  Get ready for a significant late season cool snap.  Attention Alabama growers:  Frost is a strong likelihood Friday and maybe even Saturday morning.  On this video, I’ll tell you about a nearly perfect Easter Sunday Forecast.

Strong Cold front sweeps through the state today. A line of strong/severe storms will precede the front.  Level 2 Severe Weather Risk. It will turn sharply colder behind the front. 

Level 2 Severe Weather Risk. Damaging wind gusts 60+mph is the main risk. Hail possible. Couple of tornadoes can’t be ruled out. Watches and warnings are a good bet.

SHARPLY Colder tonight and only in the 50’s on a windy Thursday. Late season cold-snap shocker.

Frost likely Friday & Saturday morning. Near freezing perhaps in Montgomery Friday morning. The record is 30 from 1881.

Beautiful Easter weekend. Nearly perfect Easter Sunday.

Too cool for the Beach this weekend with lows in the 40’s and highs in the 60’s, but at least the sun is out.

After this Cool-snap, big warming next week. We’re back in the 80’s