Storm-Free Pattern Continues – Warm & Dry Weekend –  FRIDAY Video

Good Morning!  This amazing weather pattern rolls on.  In fact, our string of beautiful, storm-free, warm days will stick around through the weekend at least.  Each day gets a little warmer.  How long will it last?  On this video, we’ll look ahead to the next storm system by the early next week.  I’ll have the latest pollen update. 

Our amazing string of beautiful days continues. Yesterday we made it to 83. Looks like mid 80’s today. Lots of sun. Upper 50’s tonight. Enjoy this beautiful Friday.

High pressure in the upper atmosphere will continue to act as a protective dome. It will divert storm systems away from us and it will continue to promote a warming trend.

The next frontal system will bring in a risk of showers and possibly a thunderstorm or two by late Monday into Tuesday. Doesn’t look like a big deal.

Beautiful weekend forecast. Risk of showers and maybe a couple of thunderstorms creep back into the forecast late Monday into Tuesday. Wednesday looks beautiful.

Great weekend down on the coast.

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