Extended String of Nice Days – Late Week Warming Trend –  THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  We have a nice string of days underway, and it’s not over yet.  After another chilly start early this morning, expect another very nice afternoon recovery.  We’ll be into the low to mid 80’s before all is said and done.  Each day we’ll add just a little more humidity.  Spotty, random showers and maybe a couple of thunderstorms will pop up here and there over the weekend in the afternoon heat.  On this video I have tweaked the weekend rain chances for here and the Gulf coast beaches.

Nice day today. Cool morning. Warm afternoon. Still low humidity for now.

It’ll start to feel more humid over the weekend. Dewpoints in the mid and upper 60’s get into the uncomfortable range.

Spotty daytime showers and storms will start to pop up this weekend. Small chance Saturday. Better chance Sunday.

Small rain chance at the Beach this weekend…but all in all, a nice forecast.

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