Much Colder Air Later This Week – Monday Video

The Big Storm which brought multiple rounds of severe weather, and dozens of tornadoes to the south, is moving away, as windy cooler weather sweeps in.  There’s another cold front ahead, mid week, which will bring in Much Colder air later this week.  I have the new numbers and the updated timeline.  Plus, we will see if we have any more big storm systems on the horizon.  Your Monday Morning personal weather briefing with your toast and coffee.

MUCH COLDER:   Look at the huge drop from Wednesday’s high temperature to the cold weekend.

Looks like we will see several cold episodes like this in February and March.  Not continuous cold,  But, there’s a lot more winter ahead.

A special hello and welcome to so many of you who downloaded the Weather App this weekend and are seeing theses videos and these posts for the first time, including over 450 new members on the Facebook Group Rich Thomas Weather.  Welcome to our large family of over 33,300 folks.  And, thanks for staying with us for all of our frequent updates and coverage over the weekend.  Have a great day today.  -Rich

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