UPDATED Weekend Forecast – Thursday Video

Good Morning!  The chilly air that covers the state won’t be here long.  Just a brief taste.  I’ve the updated the shower threat for Saturday.  I’ll have the updated, “tweaked” weekend details.  Plus, the latest on that mid week storm system next week.  And, maybe a big deal storm looming by the end of the month.  Did you Space station flyover last night?  You get another chance this evening.  Here’s your Thursday morning personal weather briefing with your toast and coffee.


Scattered showers could affect your Saturday plans from time to time, as a Gulf disturbances drifts by.  Sunday still looks like the best day of the weekend.

Still some remaining question marks about this next storm system around the middle of next week.  One global model, the Euro has the storm system farther south in the Gulf.  The US GFS has the low near New Orleans on Wednesday.

Another GREAT Space Station Flyover tonight, in case you missed last night.  Look in the NE sk, streaking into the east and SE sky, 6:08 – 6:11PM

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