Spring-time in February – Thursday Video

Good Morning!   More wild twists and turns.  In the next 10 days, record warmth, sharply cooler, 2 storm systems.  A very active week to 10 days ahead.  I’ll have the latest on the cooler weekend details, and a peak into a busy week, as February ends and March begins.  Strap yourself in, and settle back.  This is your 2 minute personal weather briefing for Thursday morning.

I think today’s record high of 83 is safe, but tomorrow, a record high of 81 is a good bet.  Records from the Gulf coast to the Great Lakes today and tomorrow.

Cold front arrival late Friday night could spark a few showers overnight.  Strong to severe storms north of us all the way into the Great Lakes.

The Euro Model graph for the the next 10 days, tells the story of several wild temp swings, with 3 fronts.  Maybe some stronger storms towards the middle of next week?




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