Damaging Late Season Freeze Tonight & Tomorrow Night

As expected, the Freeze Warning now covers all but extreme southeast Alabama, tonight.  The extreme southeast counties are under a Freeze Watch for tomorrow night.  Freezing temperatures may even be more widespread tomorrow night / Thursday morning.   Skies are clearing this evening.  The gusty winds will subside a bit, but still, wind chill values will likely reach the low 20’s by morning. Dress appropriately.


Expected Low by Dawn Wednesday 30-32°

Expected Low by Dawn Thursday 27-29°

* IMPACTS…Crops and other sensitive vegetation will be damaged.

The growing season has started earlier than normal due to unseasonably warm temperatures.


A Freeze Warning means sub-freezing temperatures are imminent or highly likely. These conditions will kill crops and othersensitive vegetation.

**Please don’t forget to bring your pets.

Here’s the low temperature map for tonight and tomorrow night.

Big recovery begins this weekend!

I’ll have updated details with you tomorrow morning by 5.  We’ll update the weekend rain chances, too.  Stay warm!  Have a good night!


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