Recovery Ahead: Weekend Forecast Update – Wednesday Video


Good Morning..on the Coldest March morning in 2 years.  But, our March cold-snap is about to start fading away.  I big recovery is on the way.  We’ll look ahead to the weekend. I’ll update the Saturday risk of showers.  Details of much warmer week, and a look down the road at the next big storm system in our future.  Here’s your 2 minute personal briefing on a cold winter’s morning.



To Rain or not to rain Saturday?  A fizzling frontal system will enter the state in the morning and head southward during the day.   Showers will be spotty at best.  Right now I have a 30% chance in the forecast.  Here’s a couple of future radar snapshots.

Big warming is in our future.  Here’s a peek at the US GFS model through the end of this month.

Spring officially begins Monday at 5:28 AM, with highs in the mid 70’s.  Look like we may be close to 80 by Tuesday.

Next potent storm system is about a week away.  Potentially severe.  We’ll see.  It’s early. 


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