Windy & Much Cooler – Thursday Video

Good Morning!  The biggest factor today will be the wind, which could gust close to 40 mph at times, behind the big storm which brought a rough day to the Southeast yesterday.  Much cooler air is sweeping into the state.  The question is: how low will we fall in these upcoming mornings.  I’ve got your new numbers and a look ahead to a weekend forecast that most folks are going to love.  Any more storms in our future?  Here’s your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.


Huge severe weather day across the Southeast US again yesterday!  Hundreds of severe weather reports.

In the wake of the Big Storm, the wind will be the big factor today.  Wind Advisory in effect.  Some of the models bring the wind gusts into the 40 mph range today.

Great weekend Forecast.  At least one model advertises upper 30’s perhaps, Saturday morning.  Great weather for the Air Show Weekend at Maxwell.

Following the late season cool snap… the models show a big recovery again next week.





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