Smooth Sailing Next Few Days

After 3+ weeks of turbulent weather, every few days, for a change, things have quieted down for the next several days.  We have beautiful weekend on tap, and the storm-free pattern will continue for the week ahead.

Chilly This Morning:  Temperatures close to Dawn are near or below 40 this morning.  Quite a chill for this late in the season.  Temps at 6AM:  Maxwell AFB 40, Greenville 39, Troy 37, Prattville 36 and Alex City 33.  This morning will be the coolest of this series.  Tomorrow morning, closer to the mid 40’s at Dawn.

Perfect for the Maxwell Air Show:  The pilots call this “Severe Clear”.  Unlimited ceiling.  Light wind.  Comfortable temperatures.  For weeks, many have waited for this weekend and the world class “Heritage to Horizon” at Maxwell and the weather will cooperate.  Sunshine.  Light wind.  High 73°. Tomorrow will be a repeat performance.  Sunshine and a high near 80.    Hourly forecast for today:

Next Few Days:  The only front in our future is a weak front which will arrive on Wednesday morning.  Showers in advance of this front will probably fizzle before they reach us.  I have the rain chances at 20% or less.  Warmer days and nights area ahead.

Easter Weekend:  Don’t want to get too specific about the Easter weekend, this many days out, except to say that I don’t see any significant storm systems at this point.  I’ll take a stab at it. Mostly sunny Saturday.  High mid 80’s.  Easter Sunday: Partly to mostly sunny.  Can’t rule out a couple of showers or a thunderstorm in the afternoon.  Sunrise low 60°, afternoon high 84°.  Sunrise at 6:14.  Sunset at 7:15.  We’ll refine that forecast.  That’s my best early guess.

Next Video Monday:  Have a great tranquil weekend.  Nice to be free of the worry of any severe weather threats for the next few days.  I’ll have your next video online Monday morning at 5.


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