The Week Ahead: Warning Trend – Late Week Rain

Our unusual May chill will be fading as a strong warming trend takes hold in the week ahead.  Yesterday morning many of us were in the middle 40’s.  Prattville was the cool spot on Saturday morning at 40.  A weak front has drifted into central Alabama this morning.  It will have little affect on our weather, except to bring us another cool night tonight. We will be storm-free for a few more days.  The next storm system affects the state by Friday.

TODAY:  Mostly sunny.  High  near 80.  Mainly clear, chilly tonight.  Low 52.

THE WEEK AHEAD:  Temperatures will soar, again.  Highs will be well into the 80’s Monday & Tuesday, and reach a peak at or above 90 Wednesday and maybe Thursday.   Rain & thunderstorms return to the forecast on Friday.

Temperatures peak mid-week.

FRIDAY STORM SYSTEM:  A storm system & front will bring showers and storms into the state perhaps as early as late Thursday night, but more likely Friday and Friday night.  This system will cause a severe weather threat in the plains and parts of the lower Mississippi, but it is unclear if it will still pose a severe weather threat when it arrives here.  It appears showers will clear the state early Saturday leading to a nice weekend, although a bit cooler, but nothing like this weekend.   The global models are in “general” agreement on timing.

I do not see any more unusually cool episodes during the remainder of May.  Here’s the GFS guidance out 16 days.

Have a nice Sunday!   I’ll be back with your complete Monday morning video briefing, which will be online a little before 5AM.


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