Mother’s Day Weekend Forecast Update


  The stage is set for an absolutely perfect Mother’s Day.  After a clear, cool start, sunshine will dominate the day, with low humidity…a very nice,  comfortable day.  High in the mid 80’s.

THE WEEK AHEAD:  Looks like clear sailing, with lots of sunshine and a warming trend this week.  Highs will warm to near or above 90.  Unfortunately, though, the chances for any raindrops are relatively small.  I have about a 20% chance in Thursday, otherwise we are mostly dry, so get out the garden hose.

RAIN PROSPECTS FOR THE NEXT 7 DAYS:   With a Moderate Drought already covering east and SE Alabama, the rain prospects for the next week are awful. Little or none for most.


WHO GOT RAINFALL?:  Rainfall yesterday and overnight was most generous across the southern strip of counties, where some places got 2-3+” of rain.  In central Alabama, the rain was more spotty and lighter.  Doppler radar estimates that rainfall totaled 1-2” in some spots along and south of the I-85 corridor, but .5 to 1” was more common.  North of I-85, come towns got no rain at all.  So, this rain did not help our developing drought situation much.

Have a great weekend!   Hope all the Mom’s out there have a great Mother’s Day!   I’ll have your next video online Monday morning, before 5.


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