Drier air: Sun returns- Lower Humidity – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!  How about some good weather news for a change?  We deserve it.  Maybe just for 2-3 days… But we’ll take it.  On this video, I’ll bring you the details of the nice change with lower humidity and the drier forecast.  How long will it last?  We’ll look down the road toward the 4th of July weekend, and I’ll scan the horizon for signs of any storms or trouble in the tropics.

The best news is that the Dewpoints which were in the awful mid 70’s last week, could drop to the upper 50’s this afternoon.  That’s comfortable!!   As the front which brought this nice air sinks into Florida

After several not so good, or just plain awful Beach days…things are better for now.  For at least  3 days anyway…

Check out the Euro model out 10 days.  We are looking at trends here.  We see the return of scattered random showers and storms starting Thursday and through the 4th of July weekend along with the return of heat and humidity.

The American GFS model suggests that mid 90’s could be in our future for a few days next week…perhaps.



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