July Sizzler: Excessive Heat Indices – Thursday Video

Good Morning! If today is not the hottest day of the year so far, it will be awful close.  The heat index could end in the danger range.  Ane could do it again tomorrow too.  On your video this morning, I’ve updated the weekend forecast details for here and the beaches, and a look ahead to the trends next week.  All that, plus a peek at the tropics.  Here’s your Thursday morning weather briefing with your toast and coffee this morning.

As High pressure builds over us at all levels of the atmosphere, storms will be not quite as numerous today.  Today will be very hot outside of thunderstorm areas.   Up at 20,000 feet, we are at the edge of that 594 Heat Bubble today and still in it again tomorrow.

With highs somewhere around 95-97 today and Friday, the Heat Index will be close to the 105 danger range.

Beach Forecast shows better coverage on the showers and storms over the weekend..  50/50 coverage

There are no particular flare-ups in the tropics that NHC seems worried about at the moment.



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