Hot Today – Rare front Will Bring Storm Risk – Thursday Video

Good Morning!   Another day of potentially dangerous heat today with a heat index into triple digits.  We’ll look ahead to how a rare summer front will affect our state..first with strong storms, and later with perhaps ushering in some temporary heat relief.  I’ll update the weekend forecast details for here and the beaches.  And, the latest from the tropics.  It’s all here for you on your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.


Excessive heat again today with highs at least in the mid 90’s, perhaps even upper 90’s  Montgomery had 98 yesterday with a heat index close to 105.  We will be close to the danger range on the Heat Index again today.  Storms will be widely scattered, but some of the storms in the eastern counties today could be strong with damaging wind gusts.   A heat advisory has been issued for west Alabama today, mainly west of Selma.

That rare summer front approaching the state could bring some strong, possibly severe storms out ahead of it on Friday and Saturday as the front eases southward.  Damaging wind gusts are the main threat.

The front should make it all the way to the Gulf Coast Sunday, allowing for at least a little heat relief behind the front.


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