Storms Shift South Today – Storms Return Tomorrow

Talk about feast or famine.  Flooding was a problem in spots overnight, especially in Crenshaw county, while there were some towns that had not a drop of rain.  This is near US 331 between Luverne and Brantley.  Part of the highway was closed overnight.  Thanks to Elizabeth Sanders for the picture.

TODAY:  The Best rain chances shift into the southern strip of counties today.  For many of us, showers will be rather isolated, or widely scattered. Highs will be 90-92°.  With dewpoints in the lower 70’s, making it feel tropical.  There will be a good bit of sunshine in central & north Alabama, while the southern counties will be mostly cloudy.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Showers and storms make a big comeback area-wide tomorrow.  In fact, we’ll see decent rain chances every day through mid week.  Very little day to day changes.

WHO GOT RAIN?:   Literally feast or famine yesterday.  In some towns it rained all day Friday and Friday night.  Therev was local flooding, especially in Crenshaw county. Pike county got a lot, too.  And, yet some towns did not have a drop of rain.  Doppler radar storm total rainfall, gives you a “flavor” of who got rain and who didn’t.

TROPICS:  There are two “Invests” the NHC is monitoring.  Invest 90-L in the west Caribbean, heading toward the Bay or Campeche this week.  The more interesting of the two is invest 99-L with a 70% chance of development.  This one could have future implications for the southeastern United States in the next 10 days or so.  Spaghetti models below.

Have a nice weekend!  I’ll have additional posts over the weekend as needed.  Next video Monday morning at 4:45.


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