Triple Digit Heat Index – Eclipse Cloud Forecast – The Week Ahead

Excessive heat: We had 96 degrees yesterday with a heat index of 103, and I think we will be near 97 today with a Heat index in the 102-106 range.  Even tomorrow on Eclipse Monday, we’ll be in the mid 90’s with the heat index near the danger level.  (More on the expected clouds for the eclipse below)  Rain chances are still under 20% today, but closer to 30% Monday and higher by midweek.

ECLIPSE CLOUD FORECAST:  It will be a typical summer day in Alabama, and I think the sun will be in and out throughout the eclipse “window”  from about 12:03 to 3PM.  So, a little “iffy”, with about 50-60% cloud coverage, depending on where you are.  I have the Monday rain chance at 30%.  The best chance from 2PM on.  Below, here’s a model depiction on the possible cloud cover at about 1PM central.

Here’s the critical time information for central Alabama with about 91% of the sun covered by the moon at 1:34PM.

Did you get a chance to see my ellipse primer posted yesterday?  It has some good information of how you can safely view the eclipse, even if you don’t have then approved glasses.


TROPICAL UPDATE:  “Harvey” has fizzled in the Caribbean.  BUT, Harvey could regenerate down the road near the Yucatan and into the warm waters of the SW Gulf of Mexico.

Invest 92-L is in a very hostile environment right now and it’s chance of development has been lowered to about 20%   Another area to watch in the central Atlantic now has a 10% chance of development.

I’ll full blown Morning Weather Video waiting for you when you wake up Monday morning, posted by 4:45AM, with the updated Eclipse Forecast.  If you can, check out the eclipse show out at the Planetarium today at 2 and Monday morning at 10:30.  Get there early.  Have a great Sunday!  Stay hydrated.


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