Maria is Re-intensifying Again – Special THURSDAY Video

Hurricane Maria gaining strength again as it lashes the Dominican Republic.  What about Maria’s future?  Jose could play a role in the future steering of Maria.  Will look at the projected patch.  Plus, our local weather.  Will you be dodging raindrops over the weekend?  I have tweaked the rain chances.  Best news I have for us involves a cold front about a week away.  Here’s your personal weather briefing for the last day of Summer,

Routine weather day for us.  Hot, humid…lower 90’s.  Widely scattered PM storms.  Not many around.  Heat index near 100.  Low tonight near 70.  Tomorrow a 30% chance of PM storms, but storms will be few and far between over the weekend.

We are about a week away from a very nice, much cooler airmass!

Maria is getting stronger again…back to category 3 status with 115 mph winds, moving NW at 9, raking the coast of the Dominican Republic today and heading close to the Turks and Caicos later.

Jose off the US East Coast could play an important role in the future steering of Maria,  creating a weakness in a ridge of high pressure and hopefully giving Maria a narrow “corridor” to keep it just east of the US coastline next week, but not by much.  A lot of things could go wrong to mess this up.

The Global spaghetti models.

The Euro model next Wednesday.



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