Wild Temperature Swings Next Few Days – Wednesday Video

Good morning, on a very chilly Fall morning.  In fact, we could be a little colder tomorrow morning.  On this video, I’ll update the numbers on a rather wild temperature ride over the next 10 days…including out first trip to the 30’s before the end of the month.  Plus, umbrella’s may be needed on Saturday as a strong cold front sweeps across the state.  We’ll refine the timeline on your weekend weather details.



Chilly this morning…and even colder tomorrow morning.  Today will probably be the first Fall day where we do not make it out of the 60’s.  Brisk winds will make it seem cooler.

Wild ride the next 10 days…The Euro model captures the drama.  The blue bars at the bottom show the showers which arrive with a strong cold front on Saturday.

NHC keeping track on Invest 93-L in the Caribbean, which could move northward toward Cuba and the Florida Keys and then track northeast off the US east Coast.

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