A Brief Taste of the Arctic – Wednesday Video

Good Morning..on a very chilly morning!  We are not done with the temperature rollercoasters.  There will be several ups and downs over the next several days.  It looks like about 2 storm systems between now and Christmas Day.  The timing has shifted just a bit.  I’ll show you the new timetable.  Plus, and update on your Camellia Bowl weekend weather details.  This is your 2 minute Wednesday morning personal weather briefing.


It’s a cold start on this Wednesday morning and it looks like a chilly day ahead.

The temperature roller coaster continues for the next few days, right on through the weekend.  Looks like the best chance of rain will be Sunday evening, though Sunday night and into early Monday.

Here’s a look at trends on the Global Models for the next 10-16 days, well through Christmas week.

Could we be dealing with a Christmas weekend storm system, and could it stick around through Christmas Day?  The GFS model suggest the answer maybe yes.  That’;s WAY out there and timing could very well change.


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