Bitter Cold Start to 2018 – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning, It’s Bitter Cold across all of Alabama and 90% of our Nation.  And this prolonged Arctic outbreak will stick around for several days.  We may have not seen the coldest morning yet.  When we will start to moderate?  When is the next storm system?  I have some answers.  And, we’ll look way off on the distant horizon to January Thaw in our future.   Cozy up, and sit back and watch the Cold Facts on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.


This morning, 90% of the nation is below freezing and 35% is below zero!

After a high of 33 yesterday, we are headed for upper 30’s today.  Wind chills overnight tonight will again fall to teens and single digits.


The prolonged arctic cold, unfortunately will be around all week.  We should make it into the 50’s by Sunday and Monday.


The next storm system arrives Monday with showers and maybe some thunderstorms, too.

The global models indicate we have several more days in the arctic cellar before we start to moderate.

The EURO shows a nice January Thaw for the third week of January as the cold air retreats into Canada



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