Wet Weekend at Times – Friday Video

Good Morning!   Beautiful Friday on tap, but weather changes are fast approaching.  I’ll update the Weekend rain chances and how much rain we could see.  Plus: Could we see a few “bumps in the road” in the week ahead?  I’ll show you the next storm system, and some temperature “ups and downs”.  And, some interesting clues in the long-range, may tell us when the Arctic Express will be open for business again.

Great late January day today as the warm-up continues.

Rain is a good bet from time to time this weekend, followed by a brief but sharp cool down early to mid week.

The weekend rain chances will be caused by a cold front approaching from the north and the interaction with a low in the Gulf.  Call it a “squeeze play”.

The heavier rainfall amounts will be closer to the coast and out in the Gulf.  Unfortunately, central Alabama may not see much.

Even after that good rain in parts of central Alabama…the overall Drought Monitor is not looking good.  Moderate Drought in much of Alabama.  Severe drought across the southeast and north central counties.


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