Severe Weather Threat Today – Special Thursday Video

..Severe Weather Threat Today..  Potent system will sweep across the state today & this evening, with some strong, possibly severe storms.  Tornadoes are possible.  On this video, I’ll bring you up to date on the threat level, and the potential time line.  After the storm system clears the state, the stage is set for a really spectacular Easter Weekend.  I’ll update the details for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches.  Plus, there are two more storm systems after this one, in the next 10 days.  Feel free to share this important Thursday morning video update.




Lots of good information on this graphic on what to expect and the approximate time line.  Tornadoes are possible today.


The highest threat level today extends from the Georgia border all the way down to the Gulf Coast.

Don’t take these literally, but here’s a couple of future radar snapshots from the NAM model that will give you some sense on timing.

Absolutely spectacular Easter Weekend forecast.  Next storm system Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Looks like a total of three storm systems in the next 10 days…

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