Risk of Showers Continue – The Week Ahead – Monday Video Update

Good morning, on an ugly, foggy Monday with drizzle. That complex storm system will slowly loosen it’s grip on Alabama.  On this video, I’ll get you ready for the week ahead.  I have updated the rain chances.  Plus, we’ll look ahead to the weekend.  Could this be the first storm-free weekend in months?   And, it looks more and more like a major warming trend will start the month of May.  His your Monday morning personal weather briefing with your toast and coffee this morning.


The complex storm system will slowly begin to loosen it’s grip on Alabama.  Spotty showers will be around at times today and tonight after drizzle and fog this morning.

Disturbances will drift through the area from time to time this week, with showers from time to time.  Temperatures will be below normal for April.


It starting to look more and more likely that we could see our first storm-free weekend in months.

The Euro global model continues to hint that much warmer temperatures are in our future as April ends and May begins.

In fact, May could see a prolonged period of much warmer air, as cold air that has been gripping the nation for much of April starts to retreat.





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