Quiet For Now – Warmer Days & Nights Ahead – Monday Video

Good morning!   It’s a cool morning, but we are about to turn the corner in a big way.  On this video, I’ll fill you in on the big pattern change, which spells warmer days and milder nights. In fact, a little summer preview later this week. How long?  I’ll tell when showers will return, and how much rain could fall.  With your toast and coffee this morning, here’s your Monday morning personal weather briefing.


Chilly start this morning, turns into a warm afternoon.  Start of a warm week ahead.

Not only are the days getting warmer.  Nights will get milder and milder.  Showers hold off until the weekend.

Not only will temperatures surge this week, take a look at the dewpoint. When the dewpoint is below 60, we’re generally comfortable. 60+ starts the humid range. 65+ very humid. 70+ oppressive. This week just a little “taste” of summer mid to late week

Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be around from time to time this weekend.

The pollen count will stay in the moderate to high range, day after day all week.






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