Searching For Raindrops – Monday Video

Good Morning!  We need rain, but the prospects are not looking good for now.  On this video, I’ll tell you when our next best chance of rain will be. A weak front will move through the state today.  This week will start out warm and end up hot.  Some of the models are showing some excessive temperature by the weekend.  This is hurricane awareness week. We are 24 days till start of the season.  I’ll fill you in on the Hurricane Tour coming to Montgomery for the first time.


Weak front moves through the state today.  Unfortunately, it should be a dry front.

This week starts out warm and ends up hot.  We should stay dry, unfortunately.  We need the rain.

The prospects for raindrops through Sunday are not looking good at all as the Drought continues to expand.  Get our the garden hose and

sprinkler.  Next decent rain chance, early next week around May 14/15.


As part of Hurricane Awareness week. we are thrilled the NOAA Hurricane Tour is heading to Montgomery this week for the first time.


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