SUNDAY UPDATE: Front Brings Storms Today – Nice Relief on the Way

Hang on.  This oppressive humidity is about to go away soon.  Relief is on the way. Storms will disappear from the radar.  An important and very rare June front will move through the state today, on it’s way to the coast.  There will be a band of showers and storms ahead of the front today and this evening.  Not every town will see a storm today, but a couple storms could be strong to severe.

TODAY:  Mostly dry this morning.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will break out this afternoon and this evening. HOT and humid.  High today will be in the lower 90’s.  The heat index will be 100 to 105.  This is the extreme caution range, and almost to the danger range.  Stay hydrated. The front will make it to the Birmingham area by mid day.  By 7pm, the front may be near Montgomery or a little farther south.  It will reach the coast by morning.

FUTURE RADAR…FEW STRONG STORMS?:   I often tell you, don’t take future radar literally, especially in the summer.  This model (the hi-res NAM), shows a band of storms moving southward, ahead of the front, in the late afternoon and evening.  It could play out this way.  We’ll see.

A few storms could reach severe limits. I don’t think severe storms will be widespread. All of the state is in the Marginal Severe risk area today, not just the counties on this map.  Isolated 60+ mph wind gusts are possible.



NICE RELIEF SOON:  Let me show you this graph.  This tells an interesting story.  Today dewpoints will be simply awful, in the middle 70’s, producing humidity levels like a tropical rain forest.  Dewpoint is the key.  Notice how the bottom drops out Monday and Tuesday, as the dewpoint falls to the comfortable 50’s for a couple of days.  This is NICE air.  The dewpoint will creep back up to 70 or above, again, later in the week.  Enjoy it while it’s low.

NEXT FEW DAYS:    No rain icons on this graphic in June is rare.  Nights will be cooler.  Days will be comfortable, at least for 2-3 days.  Then, it becomes humid again late week.  Rare and nice.

I’ll have a complete video update for you tomorrow morning, online at 4:45AM.  Have a nice Sunday!


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