Summer Heat & Humidity Returning – Wednesday Video

Good Morning!  Today is a transitional day, as we work our way to early week “nice air” to late week heat & humidity.  We’ll look ahead to the returning summertime pattern.  When will the random storms be back?  What about the weekend?  The Beaches?   The Tropics?  We’ll cover it all, on your Wednesday morning personal weather briefing.



Today is the day we go from the “nice air” of early week, and ease back into the heat and humidity of later week.


Say goodbye to the “nice air” of the last two days.  This Dewpoint Graph tells the story as far as the returning humidity and our comfort level.  Today will be sort of OK.  Tomorrow will be humid, and then it’s back to “oppressive” dewpoint range of 70+ Friday through Sunday and beyond.

Hot and Humid air returns.  Rain chances are small through Friday.  Those regular, random PM storms return over the weekend.

Pretty decent beach forecast this weekend!   Routine “random” rain chance.







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