Numerous Storms Today, But, Trend to Fewer Storms, More Sunshine – Friday Video

Happy Friday!  Once again today, the radar will active and colorful with scattered to numerous storms again, as a stubborn upper low persists.  But, on this video, I’ll tell you about a big change of pattern in the works, as a bubble of high pressure builds over Alabama and the SE US.  We’ll look ahead to a trend of fewer storms, more sunshine, and hotter days.  I have adjusted to rain chances for the weekend and beyond.  Plus, we’ll check on the tropics.  Anything to worry about out there?


That pesky upper low is still spinning around south Alabama, and that will lead to another day of scattered to numerous storms.  Radar will be quite active again.

A major pattern change is on the way.  A bubble of high pressure will build across the southeast states.  That will lead to feweer storms, more sun and hotter days. starting Sunday/Monday and through most of next week.



Active storm day at the beach today, but gradually over the next few days, the trend will be for fewer storms.



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