Improving Rain Chance – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  If you need rain at your house, hang on.  Rain chances get a lot better over the next few days.  But, your weekend plans could be interrupted from time to time as we dodge some rain drops.  On this video will look at which days have the best chance of rain.  I’ll update the weekend forecast for here and the coast.


The Rain chances are getting better today.  Coverage of the random storms increases to about 40% today

Tomorrow the stage is set for scattered to numerous storms.  Plenty of moisture on the moisture channel and an approaching trough in the upper atmosphere.


The atmosphere is primed for action for the next few days with scattered to numerous storms over the weekend.  The number os showers start to thin out over the early part of next week.

Be flexible if you are heading to the coast this weekend.  You may be dodging rain drops from time to time. Not a washout.

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