Cabin Fever: But, Brighter Says Soon –WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!   Our truly miserable, awful weather pattern continues today.  But, hang on.  Cabin fever will not last for much longer.  Better days are right around the corner.  More rain today, and cold.  But, I’ll fill you in on the return of sunshine.  Get ready for the season’s first freeze.  I’ll detail a truly spectacular weekend forecast.  We’ll look ahead to Thanksgiving week, and I’ll take a stab on the detailed Thanksgiving holiday forecast.


Continued, cold, wet, dismal depressing today.  Truly awful.  CABIN FEVER.

Tomorrow, chance of a shower early, but gradually drier air takes over.  Clouds dominate, but I can’t rule out some afternoon sunbreaks.

Looking more and mire like the first freeze of the season for many of us will be Friday morning.

Brighter days area ahead.  Friday looks much better with sunshine.  Saturday through Monday look spectacular.  A great November weekend.  Truly.




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