More Active – Wetter /Stormier Pattern Returning – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Our weather is becoming more summer-like.  There will be more humidity today, and maybe a pop up heart of the day shower.  But, a more active pattern is on the way for late week and the weekend.  An approaching front will enter the state and stall.  That would affect some weekend outdoor plans.  I have updated the rain chances for here and the coast.  We need rain.  How much rain can we expect.  I’ll show you the latest model trends.


For us, a typical June day in May…a little more humid,  Highs not too far from 90.  Isolated Pop Up heat of the day storms for the lucky.

More active pattern.  Best rain chances: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Scattered showers and storms from time to time.  That’ll knock the high temperatures down a little.

A Frontal system enters the state and stalls.  Little disturbances ride along the front.  It’s not going to rain all the time but showers and storms could affect your weekend plans at times.


Scattered showers and thunderstorms could affect your plans at times.  Rain chances are not overwhelming.







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