High and Mainly Dry For Now – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Your backyard garden could, undoubtedly, use some rain, but the overall rain prospects for the next few days are not very good.  A weakening front, though could bring in a few late week showers, but it’s probably time to get out the hose.  We’ll flirt with another record high today, but has the heat peaked? On this video I’ll have the details for the rest of the week and the weekend for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches.

High pressure is still in control of our weather.  We are still quiet and hot, while all the terrible , active weather stays well to the northwest and north of us.  We’ll flirt with a record again today.  The record high is 96 from 1962.

Small rain chances creep in by Thursday evening.  Scattered thundershowers Friday.  And, only small rain chances over the weekend,  HGigh temperatures back off to the lower 90’s.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms peak on Friday.  Widely scattered storms will be around over the weekend.


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