Showers & Storms Will Be Increasing – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!   Radar will be active and colorful today.  In fact, if you’re yard needs rain, the news is better for the next few days. Storms will still be random, but in greater supply. On this video, I’ll show you Future Radar.  We’ll look at some potentially strong/severe storms later in the week.  And, what about the first weekend of summer?  I have updated the rain chances.  Get ready for more heat and humidity.

Storms will be in generous supply today, thanks to a tropical airmass, afternoon heating and a surface trough in north central Alabama   Storms will still be random, but there will be in greater number.  Could be a couple of stronger storms, too.

Storms in ample supply through Thursday.  Then, the trend will be storms to slowly thin out in number Friday through Sunday.

We may see a rash of Severe Thunderstorm warnings in the state Thursday, as a vigorous disturbance moves through the area.  I wouldn’t be surprised if SPC increases the threat level by the time we get to Thursday.  Damaging wind threat and hail.

Friday is the longest day of the year.  The Summer Solstice.   Seems like we’ve been dealing with Summer for months.,.

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