Showers Increase This Weekend – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!   Storms will be around today, but the will be widely separated.  Many towns will stay dry.  Otherwise, today should be a rather text-book, routine day.  On this video, we’ll look ahead, as the showers become more plentiful by the weekend.  I have updated the rain chance for here and the coast.  And, we’ll look ahead to the big Fourth of July Holiday Week ahead, as triple digit HEAT indices returns to the Deep South.

Routine summer day.  Widely scattered storms around for the lucky…

Rain chances improve Friday through Sunday.  Storms will still be random, but there will be more of them to go around.

Serious Rip Current Risk continues.  Please be careful.  Watch the Beach Flags.  Red flag means DON”T GO IN.  Rain chances get better this weekend.


Another heat dome next week, just in time for the Fourth of July Holidays.

More “stupid-high” Heat Index numbers next week.  Here’s next Tuesday.



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