THURSDAY VIDEO UPDATE – Nice Relief, But Brief…

Good Morning!   Are you enjoying this Rare Summer heat relief and humidity break?  It continues today.  We’ll flirt a very long standing record this morning, and our humidity level will be lower this afternoon.  All good things must end sometime.  By the weekend, the humidity creeps back and the pop up storms return.  On this video, I’ll break down the details for here and the coast through the weekend and beyond.  Plus, we’ll check the tropics for any trouble areas to watch.


There’s a good chance this 137 year old record will be equaled or broken by Dawn.

Our really NICE summer break continues…in fact the humidity & dewpoint levels will be even lower today.  ENJOY!


The NICE air will fade and humidity will creep in over the weekend with pop up storms returning.  Regular summertime pattern will be back.

Humidity is back…and so are the afternoon pop up storms for the weekend at the Beach.

The odds of  a tropical Low forming on that old front in the Gulf is now lower, according to NHC.

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