Wet at Times This Weekend – FRIDAY Video


Happy Friday!  Many towns got drenched yesterday.  If you did not get rain yesterday, the odds of you getting wet this weekend are improving. The atmosphere is primed for some tropical downpours in spots over the next 3-4 days.  We need the rain!   The drought is expanding.  I have updated the weekend rain chance for here and the coast.  And, I have the latest from the National Hurricane Center on Invest 96-L.  We’ll look at this system’s future prospects.


An upper low in South Alabama, combined with afternoon heating and tropical moisture will lead to an ample supply of random storms today.

Your weekend plans could be interrupted at times by some scattered tropical downpours.

We need every drop of rain we can get.  The NEW Drought Monitor map shows the Drought in Alabama continues to expand and grow worse.


the better than normal rain chances will be around at least through Monday.

You may have to dodge a few rain drops from time to time on your weekend Beach trip.  It won’t be a washout.

NHC has lowered the probability that Invest 96-L will become a Depression or Tropical Storm to 50% by early next week.

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