SUNDAY UPDATE:  Feast or Famine – More Showers & Storms

Rinse and repeat.  Once again today, all the pieces are in place for another active thunderstorm day.  There will be a generous supply of showers and storms.  Coverage will be widespread.  But, again the storms will be random.  There’s no guarantee every town will benefit from the rain.  Tomorrow will be almost identical to today.  By Tuesday, the upper trough over us, will shift east.  We’ll start to see a more routine forecast, as the atmosphere calms down and the storms thin out.

THE SET-UP:  Up at 20,000 feet, that upper trough  is still in place.  The air aloft is colder.  Cold air wants to be at the bottom.  That sets up a very unstable atmosphere, leading to widespread storms.

TODAY:   Patchy dense fog this morning, will burn off by mid morning.  That may delay the start of today’s storms by a few hours, in some areas.  Storms will become scattered to numerous this afternoon & this evening.  High near 90.  Low tonight 71.

FEAST OR FAMINE:  Here’s a Doppler radar snapshot of who got rain yesterday.  Red on this map is over 2”.  You can see the rainfall was widespread, but look the place that received no rain at all.  The Montgomery Airport, for example had .03” while 8 miles away in East Montgomery, 1.66” of rain fell in about an hour. Truly, feast or famine.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  The better than normal rain chances will be around through Monday.  Showers and storms will thin out Tuesday through Friday.  Many kids start school this week.  Some schools begin on Tuesday.  Others begin later in the week.

THE TROPICS:  The future of Invest 96-L now looks quite dim.   The window of possible development has just about closed.  The disturbance is now moving into a more hostile atmosphere.  The National Hurricane Center now gives this system a 10% chance of development in the next five days.  The rest of the Atlantic basin is quiet.

I will have a Video for you bright and early tomorrow morning, posted by 4:45 AM.    Have a nice Sunday! I know a lot of families will be enjoying the last few days before the new school year begins.

I’ll see you in the morning.   Have a good day.


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