Intense Heat Continues – Will Invest 95-L Visit Alabama with Needed Rain? – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!   Intense Heat continues in our forecast today and tomorrow.  But, there’s a big question about our future. Will that tropical system in the Bahamas visit Alabama with some beneficial raindrops, or will it bypass us?  The models are in big disagreement on the future of Invest 95-L.  On this video, I’ll do my best to decipher the forecast.  We need the rain!  And, what about that next tropical system, way out in the Atlantic.  Does that system have future implications for the United States?  There’s much to discuss this morning.


The Upper Level Heat Bubble High spells another hot day today with the rain chance very small.

Great uncertainty of the future track of Invest 95-L could have a big impact on the forecast Sunday through Tuesday.

The Hurricane Center now gives Invest 95-L a 70% chance of becoming a depression in the next few days, as it heads in the direction of Florida and the Gulf.

Some models bring the system right over Florida.  Some into the Atlantic.  Some into the Gulf.

Further out, Invest 94-L could have a very interesting future in maybe 8-10 days, if it can survive…

For instance…the EURO model suggests it could be a hurricane (maybe) in the Bahamas and approaching the US coastline. Stay tuned.

Much uncertainty now on the impact 95-L could have on the Beach forecast this weekend.





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